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Dragon Age Inquisition Mods – How to Install and Play?

Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

It does not matter if you are a beginner or have already played a good hundred hours, Dragon Age Inquisition Mods will suit any type of player. From replacing these stupid skyhold pajamas to fast pumping and a higher maximum level. Dragon Age Inquisition Mods, unlike those for Dragon Age Origins, are not focused on adding new content; instead, they improve existing ones. So what are these modifications and what are they doing?


How to install Dragon Age Inquisition mods?

At first, installing mods can be confusing, but thanks to the mod manager, this is pretty easy. The manager allows you to organize all your best Dragon Age Inquisition mods and help with the installation of even the most difficult mods to install.

This will allow you to quickly add the mod and return to the game without unnecessary problems and headaches.


List of Dragon Age Inquisition Mods


Several Novels

Can’t decide between Josephine and Cullen? This is not necessary. Mod MRM or Multiple Romance Mod allows you to start several novels in one walkthrough.

You no longer need to worry about Solas, flirting with the Iron Bull, or thinking about Cassander, having an affair with Josephine. What does this mod do?

It removes the check for active novels in dialogs, allowing you to start any number of them. Different characters have different checks, so for each character, you need to install your version of the mod, but after that, you will have everything you need.


Eyebrows for women

Eyebrows for women

It’s all about eyebrows. Looking for tidy eyebrows instead of the default ones in the game? This mod is for you.

It contains a set of highly detailed textures that replace the original game files. The end result looks great, especially during dialogs.

But what if you play as a male character? There is a modification with a similar name, but for men, which contains all the same eyebrows as for women.


Command rate without waiting

There is nothing worse than waiting for the end of the mission. Waiting for a command bet during mission completion only wastes your time.

Although the game offers you a bunch of different side missions, it’s a waste of time nonetheless.

The name of the mod speaks for itself and significantly improves the feeling of playing Inquisition.

A command rate has appeared and you do not want to wait? This mod allows you not to wait until all the missions appear but simply go back.


Custom models for the body and a guide to their creation

Unhappy with the character’s body?

This mod will help you. Are you not comfortable with your character’s body? Want a slimmer figure, or want to look more pumped up?

You found what you were looking for. What is given to you to choose from? The modification offers not one model of the body, but three at once for each sex.

In addition to the mod itself, there is a manual that will allow you to independently create a torso that will definitely suit you.

The guide describes step by step each action, from launching 3ds Max, to using a special tool.


Bench “Bright Color”

Bench Bright Color

The unique “Bright Color” helmet is not the only reason why you want to install this mod. He collects equipment from all DLCs in one place, without it it will take many hours to collect all the items. In addition to this, equipment upgrades will be available to you. Equip your character immediately after visiting Val Royo.

But that is not all. All items will be available to you for free. No need to worry about savings, completing each quest in the Inner Lands before reaching the capital.


Zoom camera in dialogs

Do you miss the old dialog design from Dragon Age: Origins? Unlike Origins, in Inquisition, the camera is located further during dialogs.

Many players liked the close-up camera from Origins more, with it the dialogs with companions look more natural. This mod was created specifically for such players.

It is also important to note the fact that the mod does not apply to cinematic dialogs. He zooms in on the camera only in ordinary dialogues, such as talking to a merchant.


These eyes

Which mod works best with the eyebrow mod? That’s right, eye mod! Another good mod that replaces the standard eye textures in Inquisition.

Similar to replacing eyebrows, this mod replaces lifeless eyes without problems, when you look at them you can exclaim “here he is, Andastre’s chosen one!”

This mod includes thirteen different pairs of eyes, from realistic to the most unusual. Needless to say, you can only choose an ode to a pair of eyes, so go wisely.


Physique of women

Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

Create a new look for your female incessant. What is noteworthy is that Morrigan, as well as Calpernia and Sarah look excellent, the proportions of their bodies are ideal.

What cannot be said about the other characters in the game? It is only natural that modders delved into game files to fix this shortcoming. The mod applies not only to humans and elves but also to gnomes (as good as the Calpernia model for the Kunari race). Jennifer of The Witcher 3 has competed.


Rare Weapon Models

Thinking about what unusual weapons to add to your arsenal? Do not waste time. According to statistics, it is better to create your own weapon, instead of using rare samples that can make you use yourself only for a fantastic appearance, despite the modest characteristics.

Thanks to this mod, you can combine rare weapons and the characteristics of forged weapons.

This mod replaced the standard fourth-level weapon models with unique ones that are found only once a game. They will be available closer to the end of the game, after completing the mission “Stranger”.


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Replacing Skyhold Pajamas

From time to time everyone needs to change their pajamas, even the inquisitors. One of the biggest complaints about the game was the ridiculous tunics and pants of the residents of Skyhold.

Players jokingly nicknamed them “Skyhold pajamas” and from the very release of the game they picked up more suitable things to replace.

And although Bioware with patches expanded the wardrobe, the situation in Skyhold remained deplorable. This mod replaces Skyhold’s standard clothing with Alien armor or another from the DLC.


More boost levels

Having trouble choosing skills after the next level? Take a look at this mod. With only twenty levels, it’s hard to be sure that you have chosen the right skills.

Thanks to this mod, there is no such problem anymore, it raises the level limit to 30. You can fully reveal the potential of your character by gaining a maximum of 34 skill points.

This mod is suitable for any type of walkthrough, but keep in mind that it is incompatible with the Yuriy Flower shop. Choose what you need more.

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