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Best Tips How to Download KimCartoon Videos?

 Download KimCartoon Videos

Are you crazy to want to know how to download videos from KimCartoon? Want to put together your favorite shows before KimCartoon follows the KissCartoon? This lesson will show you how.

When KissCartoon fell last year, you might have heard screams of frustration from around the world. One of the foremost cartoon repositories on the Internet finally disappeared forever, and many thought it was so. Until KimCartoon came to replace him.

KissCartoon was unreliable, crashing and went through a lot of problems, but still it was an amazing place to shoot a cartoon. So imagine the delight when KimKartun picked up the baton and ran with it!

As usual, when KimCartoon became popular, fake sites appeared to copy it, to make money and possibly serve malware.

According to Kiss moderator at Reddit, all .io domains associated with KissCartoon and KimCartoon are fake. I use KimCartoon to, which I refer to from above. This site seems legal.


 Download KimCartoon Videos

I usually do not recommend downloading content from streaming sites. I can show you how to do this, but I think the media is best left with the provider, and we all support them.

Without this support, everything will return to the bad old days when studios and publishers had all the power, not much of the power.


Using a Screen Recorder

Both Windows and Mac have built-in screen recording tools, and you can use this method if you cannot find another way to do this. You can jeopardize the quality of the video and sound, but it’s better than nothing.


On Windows:

  • Select Windows Key + G to open the game panel.
  • Set the cartoon to full screen or select “Turn off the lights” on the KimCartoon page.
  • Set the Game Bar to record or select Windows Key + Alt + R to record.
  • Select it again to stop recording.

The video will be recorded in MP4 format and will be located in the Video and Captures folder. After that, you can watch the video on the default media player and cut, copy, paste, or something else.


On MacOS:

  • Choose Ctrl + Shift + 5 to call up the screen recording tool.
  • Set the entire screen or part for recording depending on how you configure it.
  • Press the “Record” button when you are ready.
  • Click recording again to stop recording.

The video will be recorded as a .mov file with the time you recorded it as a title. You can play it or edit it in iMovie or in any other application that you like.


Using Browser Extension

I know that there are only two browser extensions for KimCartoon, since I used them myself. This is Video Downloader Professional for Chrome and Video Downloader – YouTube HD Download for Firefox. They were suggested by another KimCartoon fan, and they work well.

Both extensions add an icon to your browser. Just go to the cartoon page that you want to download, click the icon, and the option to download the video appears.

Regular video download websites do not seem to work with KimCartoon. I have several programs that I use to download from other websites, but none of them will work on KimCartoon.

This means that another regular download route is closed to us. So the only other way to get your cartoons is to record your screen.

Not ideal in terms of quality, but if you really should have it on your disk, this is the way to do it.


Some other Methods

There are many websites offering programs, applications, or download pages that allow you to download files from KimCartoon.

I tried some of the downloadable websites and couldn’t get them to work. Some kept you behind a paid screen, demanding a “donation” to download, while others just didn’t work.

There are several programs that can also be downloaded from KimCartoon or from another site. They may be able to, but they may have other hidden surprises.

I would always suggest not downloading software from companies or sources that you have never heard of. This is especially true if it allows you to perform actions in a legally gray area. It is entirely up to you, of course.

You can download Kimcartoon videos from here also: https://www.tubeoffline.com/download-KimCartoon-videos.php

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