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Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application – What Is It & How to Remove

Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

Using utilities to optimize your PC, you can identify many problems. For example, a process that consumes a large amount of resources and slows down work. This list may include Digital TV Tuner device registration application.

Such a PC-loading service can be seen in the Cleanup feature built into Avast. In the article we will tell you what Digital TV is, how to find it in the system and whether it can be deleted.


What is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

Digital TV Tuner device registration application is a description of the Ehprivjob.exe application, which is a component of the Windows Media Center.

As follows from the description, this software is designed to optimize the interaction of OSes and tuners.

The exe file is located in the system directory, in the “EHOME” folder. This is a trusted application with wide rights and capabilities. It is included in the complex of service processes and is a system.


Because of what the load increases

  • Most likely, it is caused by errors and corrupt system files. It is possible that the processor load may increase when playing video, audio and digital TV. In other words, with full or partial activation of the Windows Media Center.
  • Do not rule out malware that can modify the file for your own use. Given that the process is trusted, the system will not be able to provide adequate protection.


Do I need to disable or delete a process?

It is worth saying right away that if you are actively using the system player, then you do not need to do anything – this is a natural phenomenon. Disabling or deleting a process can lead to various problems.

If you do not use a regular player to watch videos or listen to music, and the processor loads on its part regularly, then the easiest way out of the situation is to remove the application through the Control Panel. How to do it?

  • Go to the control panel and select Programs and Features.
  • In the menu on the left, click “Enable or Disable Windows Components”.
  • In the drop-down list, select Components for working with multimedia.
  • Uncheck the Windows Media Center.
  • Agree to a system warning.

Please note that in the same way you can return this component back into operation.


Stop the program Digital TV Tuner

If through the standard Task Manager failed to achieve the result, you must first disable the task. Please note that this is necessary provided that you do not use a digital TV tuner.

How to disable tasks associated with calling ehPrivJob.exe:

  • Go to Task Scheduler. You can open it through Administration in the Control Panel, or by calling the console and register the taskschd.msc command in it.
  • In the menu on the left, select the path “Microsoft” – “Windows” – “Media Center”.
  • Disable all tasks associated with running ehPrivJob.exe.

Disabling startup items in startup:

  • We go to the Startup menu by writing in the console (or the run menu) the command: msconfig. You can enter the same command if you open Start and paste it into the search field.
  • In the Startup menu, uncheck all elements of the Windows Media Center, if any.
  • Perform the same actions in the Services tab.

Disable related services:

  • Go to the Administration menu and select Services.
  • Media Center Extender Service, Windows Media Center Scheduler Service, Windows Media Center Receiver Service – switch them to Run mode Manually or completely off.
  • To apply.

If after restarting the OSes problems are found, then restore the previous settings.

Other useful actions

If you still use the Media Center, but this process has begun to consume too much, we recommend that you do the following.

  • Delete temporary files with utilities like CCleaner.
  • Reconnect the tuner itself and be sure to update its drivers – maybe some components of the firewood have flown and turned out to be broken.
  • Check the system with pre-installed antivirus and loaded scanners such as AdwCleaner and MalwareBytes.
  • Start the recovery or rollback mechanism.


Final Words

The proposed solutions will eliminate the problem of increased processor load due to the Digital TV Tuner device registration application, but do not forget that this component is an important system tool, and its shutdown (removal) can lead to more serious problems of equipment interaction.

However, there is always the opportunity to return to its original state (in case of serious problems, use Safe Mode and rollback the OSes).

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