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Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge Guide for Everyone

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge

The last Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge is located in the garden of Esila, the southeastern area of ​​the city of dreams. To reach the Esila Garden, head for The Strand from the landing zone of the City of Dreams, through the rocks to the right of the blind well.

We are deeply engaged in the latest content expansion of Destiny 2, the season of opulence, which means we are again on the cusp of reaching the new 750 level power cap.

The good news is that there are many opportunities to assemble more powerful equipment.

As always, a reliable way to quickly get the equipment you need is the Weekly Ascendant Challenge, which takes you to the strange corners of the Dream City.

This is the end of the six-week Destiny 2 Ascendant challenge cycle and this one, the Cimmerian Garrison, is one of the most spooky and involved.


How to Overcome Ascendant Challenge Destiny 2

You must collect three arc charges around the arena, drop them into the center platform pit, and kill three abyssal champions.

The abyssal champions and countless Shadow Thrall will pursue you all the time, so keep going. You can collect fees in any order.

If the knuckles caught guarding the well are problematic, try placing them on the side of the well and then rushing to the opposite side.


Petra Destiny 2 Ascendant challenge this Week

As always, the first step is to meet the Petra Ascendant challenge – this is what gives you powerful equipment to complete it. Once this is done, make sure you have a Queens’s foil tincture.

With that in hand, you will enter the lost area of ​​Rheasilvia, the Starlight Room. You will need to make your way through all of this because the portal is located right behind the chest that unlocks after killing the boss.

While optional, you might as well supplement the lost area to simplify your life. Once done, use the Tincture to get the Ancestry buff, which allows you to see the Taken Portal. The exact location can be seen in the video above and the map below.


Cimmerian Garrison

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Picture gallery 7Picture gallery 8Picture gallery 9Jump through the gate to go to the Cimmerian garrison, located in the ascending plane.

Here, you will be confronted with what constitutes a glove: you will have to fight your way and kill an enemy at the end.

Once you enter, you will be pursued by three knights. As you progress, you will have to deal with various enemies, including hobgoblins, howlers, and yellow barbells.

Take them out as you go and you will reach a point where you will have to sit on the rocks (as it would not be an Ascendant challenge without a platform in the first person). Along the way, keep in mind the corruption that will periodically be exploited with an explosion of energy, which can send you to death if you are not careful.


Kill a Knight to Finish Things

Once you have completed the platform, you will have to kill a knight to finish things, but beware of the crier that breeds nearby. With the Death Knight, open the chest to complete the Ascending Challenge. There may not be a special reward inside, but you will get powerful equipment to make the bonus associated.

There are many other ways to find good equipment for Iron Banner in Jokers Wild, including the exotic Thorn Cannon Hunt.


Garden of Esila Ascendant Challenge of the place

The traditional bones of this Destiny 2 Ascending Challenge can be reached from the same path where you found the second egg taken. From the central well, take the grassy path to the right of the exit gate, take the first left on the stone bridge and continue to a large floating platform on the left. Jump on it and look down.

You should see the bones of knowing how to shine underneath. Jump to claim them. Do not worry, you can jump out of here to get out of the challenge.


Garden of Esila Ascendant Challenge Location of Eggs Taken

There are two eggs caught in this Ascendant Challenge. You will want to clear the challenge and eliminate the enemies first to simplify things.

Oriented towards the central well, the first egg is located directly to the right of the exit portal of the challenge.

Climb the grassy path to the right of the gate, then look to the right and down.

You will see the egg hovered below. The second egg can be reached by the same grassy path.

Look left this time and take the first exit on a stone bridge. Once you have crossed the plague on the bridge, look again to the right and to the right.

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