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Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons – A Complete Guide

Dark Souls 3 best weapons

In this article, you will learn how and where to find the Dark Souls 3 best weapons.

Dark Souls 3 best weapons

The Dark Souls series has always been famous for a huge number of different weapons. Here everyone will choose a weapon to his liking: from small blades that can quickly deal with each one individually, and ending with giant swords that can destroy a crowd of monsters with one sweep.

Today we will try to tell you about the Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons as well as their location.


Here is the list of Dark Souls 3 best weapons you can find the best one.


1.    Uchigatana


The beauty of this katana is that it causes bleeding, but has low strength. You can find it already in the early stages of the game near the Fire Temple (Firelink Shrine).

After you defeat the boss, Judge Gundyr, you need to go a little to the left towards the Fire Temple.

Do not go through the gate. Turn left again and go along the wall. If you did everything right, you will see locked gates at the end of the road, and in front of them is a man in rags with a sword.

It is after his death that you will receive a stylish katana, some clothes, and 2,000 souls. But to do this is not so simple, as the opponent is serious.

You can fend off his attacks, dodge them, or simply throw him into the abyss.

In the latter case, you have to restart the game to get things. They will lie on the spot where the former owner of the sword stood.


2.      Sunlight Straight Sword

Sunlight Straight Sword

This weapon looks like an ordinary sword but deals additional damage from the cold. You can find it in the location Undead Settlement.

At the end of the road, you will find a tower. We go into it and go down the elevator. If you already spoke with Sigvard from Katarina, then the elevator will begin to be automatically understood. In this case, you must jump and wait for the next platform, which is heading down.

In the basement, you will have to battle Outrider Knight. The enemy is very fast, but vulnerable to fire. If you have the opportunity, you can throw it with an incendiary mixture. This will greatly simplify your life.


3.      Dragonslayer Great bow

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

What could be better than a giant bow with spears instead of arrows that are designed to kill the dragon? This is what this weapon looks like.

It really does a lot of damage, but first, you need to be patient, as the bowstring needs to be pulled for a long time.

As soon as you kill Pontiff Sulyvahn and enter the city, it literally begins to rain from giant arrows.

If you are lucky, then after the death of one of the archers, this bow will fall out of it. Otherwise, you can find a corpse in the city from which it is guaranteed that you can get this weapon.


4.      Protazan

You can find this weapon in the hidden part of the Undead Settlement. Many consider spades to be the best starting weapon.

We follow the path from the fire in the undead settlement along the stone bridge. On the other side, you will be greeted by incendiary monsters. Jump down to the right as quickly as possible. Go left and activate the bonfire.

We leave the house and climb the stairs. If you did everything correctly, you will find yourself on the roof, where you can see the suspended body. Now you need to bring him down. This can be done using long-range weapons or incendiary mixtures. Now you can safely pick a peak.


5.      Deep battle AX

Deep battle AX

Deep battle AX is a great weapon in Dark Souls 3 best weapons and we found it an early stage of the game.

In the location of the High Wall of Lothric, we go from the fire to the left and towards the dragon. Stand on the stairs to avoid his fire.

We quickly run through the grate and go into the tower. Once in a small room, climb the vertical stairs and open the second grille.

Go down and hit the chest in the corner of the room. We defeat the monster and pick up our new ax.

If you don’t like Protazan, then here’s an alternative. What are the advantages of this ax? At a minimum, your attention can be attracted by pleasant physical damage and damage from the darkness. Plus, weapons add skill, allowing you to do much more damage.


6.      Claymore


Now we have one of the best swords in the game. Deals a lot of damage, but very slow and bulky.

Everything is exactly the same as in the last paragraph. We go to the dragon in the location High wall of Lothrick, but now, going up the stairs, turn back and see an object.

The problem is that the dragon periodically sets fire to the entire area around, so you need to either kill him or get to the sword with items that give protection against fire.


7.      Zweihander – A Great Weapon

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

So it was the turn of the longest sword in the game. It has extremely slow attacks, but deals a huge amount of damage and sometimes knocks down enemies.

You can purchase this weapon from Greirat for 6000 souls immediately after the first expedition.


8.      Broadsword

Located in the High Wall of Lothrick.

From the second bonfire, we go down. We leave the tower and go to the roofs. We run straight until we reach the end, where there will be a vertical staircase to the right.

We get down and go into the room on the left and at the first turn, we turn left again.

A fairly quick and wide sword that allows you to cover a large area. For this reason, we do not recommend that you use this weapon in confined spaces. The Stance skill allows you to break through enemy blocks.


9.      Two-Handed Sword – Best Weapon

One of the heaviest swords in the game. As expected, it does tons of damage, but the attacks are too slow.

Appearing in the Keep Ruins location, go back, moving away from the large stone door. Go down to the swamp and move towards the tower.

Soon you will see two parts of the destroyed bridge.

At the farthest will be a corpse on which you will find a sword.

Fans of giant swords will surely love this weapon. it’s one physical damage is only worth your attention! Low attack speed will allow you to start a fight perfectly, but can you continue and survive?


10.   Chaos Blade

Chaos Blade

First, you need to defeat the Champion Gundir boss in the Untended Graves location.

After his death, a door will open that will lead you to the local Temple of Fire. Before reaching it, we turn left.

Soon you will find a staircase at the top of which is a blade.


11.   Butcher Knife

We are reborn at the stake in the location “Path of victims” and move deep into the forest. Soon you will find two broken carts. Go up the hill.

There you will find the enemy and a small cloud of poison. We defeat him and go down to the side in the bridge.

Without passing under it, turn left, where we find a woman with a cleaver.


12.   Ricard’s Rapier

First, we need to find the hidden location of Archdragon Peak. After the death of the first boss, the next location called Dragon-Kin Mausoleum will be available to you. After the first room, move to the right.

After a while, you will find a long wooden bridge, and after a dragon that breathes fire on stone steps.

Upstairs you will find a small room with one opponent, which causes the character with a rapier. We kill the one who called and calmly deal with the owner of the sword.


13.   Giant Smoke Sword

Here is one of the most unique swords of this game. Its size and appearance will definitely not leave you indifferent.

Important: you will need to kill the invading NPC, so if you have a low level of Devastation, then you will definitely be left without this murder weapon. When entering the location for a greater effect, you can eat a piece of coal.

First, we go from Old King’s Antechamber to catacombs with frogs and rats. There you will find a stone staircase that leads upstairs. At its foot, turn left.


14.   Great Scythe

Great Scythe

Another weapon with good characteristics and an additional effect of bleeding. From the bonfire “Decayed Bridge” (undead settlement), we go through the cemetery (you will easily recognize this area since you will not miss the flying spears from the giant) and go into the house.

Climb to the second floor and turn back. A corpse with our scythe will lie ahead. Getting there is a bit complicated, as part of the floor is destroyed. You will need to jump there and roll.

Since this is a scythe, it has a large radius of destruction, which will allow you to crack down on large groups of enemies.

And the effect of bleeding, which increases the counter with each hit, will help you deal with strong opponents.


15.   Red Halberd

First, you need to collect the Undertaker’s Ashes item in the Undead Settlement location. The item is in a cemetery where the giant sends its arrows.

Now you need to return to the Temple of Fire and give the booty to the maid. After these manipulations, a grave key will appear in her goods.

Once again, we return to the Undead Settlement, or to be more precise, we are reborn in the location of the “dilapidated bridge”.

From the bonfire, cross the wooden bridge and enter the sewer with rats (the door will only open if you did it from the other side). Use the key on the only locked door.

Inside you will find a staircase to go down. Keep going left and will soon find an ax.


16.   Astora Great Sword

After killing the boss of Crystal Sage Expert, you will discover a new path that will lead you to the Temple of the Deep.

Climb the stone steps to enter the cemetery. Then turn left and go straight.

If you did everything right, you will find a corpse with a sword.


So, this is a complete list of Dark Souls 3 best weapons. If you have any query please let us know below in comments.

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