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Choose The Electric Bikes in 2019 that Suits You Best

electric bikes in 2019

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the best electric bikes in 2019. I have a small preference for the EasyBike M16-D8, which combines performance and neat design. You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you find the electric bike that suits you best!

The best cheap electric bikes in 2019

This price range is a little murky waters. At less than $1200, many models are of poor quality, and sorting was particularly thorny. However, I was able to find several serious models that, even if they have some concessions, will be quite satisfactory for basic use.

EasyBike M16-D8: the best cheap electric bike in 2019

EasyBike M16-D8: the best cheap electric bike in 2019

When we pass the bar of  $1500, we get what? In this case, one of the best city bikes for this price range. Let’s look at it more closely. We finally give up the – fragile – pretension of mountain biking at this price. Here, we are in completely urban design, with a bike cut for the city.

And in my opinion, this is where the electric assistance has all its advantage: a sweat during a walk in the countryside, it’s not very serious. But before the 9 am meeting, it’s – literally – stain. An urban bike, first of all, what does it mean? First, it’s a Dutch cut. It is not mandatory, but I prefer: the curve of the frame allows to spend the legs effortlessly.

In the city, it has two advantages:

  • First, it is less likely to crease – even tear – his pants. Also, we tend to get on and off our bike.
  • The possibility of jumping from your bike to the sidewalk and back directly into the bakery is not just the ultimate class of someone in the air: it’s also convenient.
  • An urban electric bike in 2019  is also the lack of a plateau. Here we have gradual speeds that should be enough for the urban landscape – even Marseille and its damned slopes.
  • Finally, it is a wheel size generally smaller. In this case, it is a 23 “.The tires are a little smooth, and depending on the quality of the road, it will consider buying beefier.
  • Decathlon has launched a range of puncture-resistant tires that are compatible with the thickness of urban bicycle wheels, they cost about $20  each and this avoids many troubles.
  • In terms of accessories, it is also a luggage rack – solid, this time -, headlights, a speed sensor not to take a fine, and a hull around the chain not to damage the clothes.

EasyBike M16-D8: the best cheap electric bike in 2019

My only regret is that it is not equipped with a rearview mirror, yet convenient when you have to pedal in the middle of traffic, and it will buy separately. Another regret, the headlights are not related to the battery contrary to what the seller says but work on battery.

Again, I advise you to install a dynamo. Let’s talk a bit about the electrical part. As we are not yet in expensive ranges, it is, without surprises, a fairly standard model. Its nominal range is 55 km on average. It is, in this case, quite consistent with the real autonomy, confirmed at 40km.

Attention, it is only worth it if you do not exceed 95 kg, you have inflated the tires to 4.5 bar minimum, and you correctly adjust the level of assistance to your effort.

As for all the models with less than $ 2000, the charging time is quite important: count at least 5h30. Comfortable, serious and efficient: this electric bike in 2019 is an excellent urban option that I highly recommend.

Rich Bit Rt-860: a beautiful second place among the best

Rich Bit Rt-860

Well, I spoiled you in the title, but if we hold a second winner in the entry-level category, this is it. Foldable, electric, with many accessories, several mid-range features, correct performance, AND nice design? Suffice to say that I took this electric bike in 2019 with tweezers and I have long investigated to find the fault.

There are some, of course, but in a general way, it is a model that keeps all its promises. Let’s start by sifting through his claims regarding the bike itself. It is presented as a folding mountain bike; already it stuck a little. Of course, there are folding mountain electric bikes in 2019, but for that price, I have a first big worry: the solidity on an inhospitable ground.

  • To make sure that it holds well, it should be tested on several months of activity and – spoiler alert – I didn’t do it.
  • But I would nevertheless apply a precautionary principle.
  • This does not mean that it is a bad model, far from it, but that we would rather spend $1000  more if we want to use it in “extreme” conditions.
  • What I say here is corroborated by the return of several returns from users who complained about the weakness of the disc brake system for use in the mountains.
  • So to elect the best entry-level model, you can imagine, it had to be considered as the two previous: it is a VTC that can take a few hills and go for walks.
  • Not quite an ATV yet.
  • It’s time to talk about what amazed me, and the first item is the accessories.
  • I am a big fan of bicycle accessories, especially because I use it daily.
  • But I like that they are included by the builder for the purchase, because when I hack myself a dynamo, a rack and lighthouses, I end up seeming to come out of a movie from Kusturica.
  • There, everything is there, and it’s elegant.

Rich Bit Rt-860: a beautiful second place among the best

We have an approved luggage rack which, by the nose, should carry up to 20 kg without too much trouble. Beyond that, I would not risk it: it is installed a little surprisingly, with only one attachment arm attached to the saddle, and no support to the frame of the rear wheel. Let’s talk a bit about the electrical part. The 250W motor with brushless function – less friction, less noise, more output – is quite promising.

It shows performance that falls comfortably average, with a range of 40 km displayed – which means it exceeds 25 km in real conditions.

Despite its small price, it can reach 30 km / h on flat with 90 kg load – plus the bike itself of 24kg. Not bad at all!I finish on a small negative note: several users complain about having to make some adjustments before using, including tightening the screws of the pedals. It is kind of a shame.

Thankfully, the after-sales service is helpful and available to help you set up and tweak the bike settings before use. In conclusion, that’s how I see it, a folding electric bike in 2019 is very smart for the city, especially if you want to go to the office to recharge during work.

The affordable price allows you to get on the electric bike in 2019 without spending too much on its first model. In terms of user comfort, serious performance, and accessories, it would be the dream electric bike in 2019 for a daily commute.

Accession: a low-cost electric bike in 2019

Accession: a low-cost electric bike in 2019


And we start this comparison with a real low-cost electric bike in 2019. Indeed, where the median entry price ranges between 900 and $1200, the Accession does not exceed $ 700.

From the outset, we can guess who this type of device will suit. Obviously, a fan of best electric bikes in 2019, who uses them very regularly and has high expectations may not be able to find it. As you will see, this versatile model nevertheless has many advantages and a very competitive price-performance ratio. I recommend it to occasional cyclists who would like to discover the electric bike in 2019 gradually and who would not have gladly paid $2000 in their first model.

It is presented as an ATV, with an all-electric mode. Just say it right away: if you like walks in the forest, type a range above. His ATV pretensions are not quite up to par. But when we know the state of the roads of France, Navarre – and Belgium? – it can be considered a good option for survival in the city.

And I know what I say: I was both Marseille and cyclist for 6 years, and I would not have risked with a small city Btwin. Let’s talk about electric bikes in 2019 itself.

  • This is a 26 “rather ok.
  • Its 20 kg, battery included, are not too prohibitive.
  • We suspect, at this price, the frame is aluminum and efforts on weight have not been prioritized.
  • I note that the front fork is carbon steel and relieved by suspensions.
  • From a solid point of view, this is a good point: some low-end bicycles offer an aluminum fork, which is far too fragile in the long run.
  • It includes all the most important small accessories: doorbell, water bottle holder, and especially a front and rear headlight.
  • As on many models, It should be known that this is the data of the seller, so calculated in particularly favorable circumstances.
  • My precautionary principle is to always divide this data by ⅓. We have a real autonomy between 18 and 33 km, which corresponds more to the returns of its users.
  • It is slightly too low depending on the use we want to make – especially if we were planning a long walk in the forest with! If we add to that a top speed capped at 25 km / h on the flat, less than 15 on a slope, we realize that it is rather cut for urban use.

And if I say that, it’s also because of the charging time. 3:30 for a full recharge, it’s quite huge for sporting activity. On the other hand, it is quite possible to envisage a nocturnal recharge and a return trip between home and work, especially in terms of pedelecs, and it is already a lot in this price range. In conclusion? Do not be moved by the idea of a mountain bike with a pedelec for less than $1000. It does not exist.

LFB MTB: an electric mountain bike that rolls well in town

LFB MTB: an electric mountain bike


We pass the bar at $1000. Suffice to say that it’s a less surprising price range in which we find most good – and bad – models of entry-level electric bikes in 2019. All the more reason to be uncompromising, and it is exactly in this spirit that I analyzed the characteristics of this bike.

Like our first model, it looks like an ATV; and this time, we believe a little more. With “only” 24 kg on the scale, very good hydraulic disc brakes Promax, 7 speeds and 3 trays, we are facing a bike that holds the road; all roads.

This is another 26 “- or 700mm size bike. From the point of view of accessories, there is only the essential. I also note that the two headlights are provided a battery, for an electric bike is a little mess. If I had to buy it, I would consider installing a dynamo, much more reliable for heads in the air like me.

Reasonably, one can expect 60 km of real autonomy, which is very advantageous for this price. What to forgive a charging time of about 5 hours, which prohibits any recharge along the way. This time, we are faced with a truly versatile model, both adapted to the city and small walks.

However, be careful not to ignite, none of the 5 levels of assistance available will allow you to do sports prowess: this is a range of recreational prices.

The verdict? For $500 more than our first model, we already have much more aligned performance with the use that we would like to make.

Again, and I speak from experience, it’s slightly too low for true sports use. Its affordable price makes it possible to consider the purchase of two bicycles, for rides in particular but may disappoint the initiates.

The best midrange electric bikes in 2019

It is in this category that you are most likely to find your happiness. Indeed, for an electric bike that really changes the life, you have to put the price. Between 1500 and 2000 $, the performances start to be very interesting, and it is here that we will find the best affordable city bikes in 2019.

Rich Bit TR-022: the electric mountain bike

We return to a Rich Bit model with his big brother, the RT-022, a range above the first. It is also the first bike of this comparative to present a complete electric mode – with some limitations, inevitably. First, if I tells me it’s an ATV, I’m already more inclined to believe it.

The tires are of excellent quality with very good handling, and its sporty cut leaves no doubt. The engine has a power of 1000 W, quadruple of all models presented so far.

However, it’s about not getting excited. This power allows it to operate in an all-electric mode, with the right handle that serves as an accelerator – as on a motorcycle.

But it allows him especially to carry his 29 kg, almost 10 more than its entry-level equivalent, a weight that can easily be attributed to that of the battery.

  • This is thanks to a battery 17000 mAh, the largest of this comparison so far.
  • The maximum speed of 35 km / h reminds us that a powerful engine is not everything. Clearly, we are not yet in the category of speed bike. So, who is this bike for?
  • We are still not in a sports range, and more completely in the category of a model to walk around.
  • I would say that of all the electric bikes in 2019 I studied in this comparison, it is one of the best value for long treks all-terrain. Its 4 “thick tires are suitable for snow, beach, dust and so on.

Besides the hydraulic suspensions have a very satisfactory shock absorption rate. Only problem? It suffers from the same problem as the entry-level Rich Bit: the brakes are a little weak.

Cube Elly Ride Hybrid 400 EE: practical and simple

Cube Elly Ride Hybrid 400 EE

Ah, how beautiful he is! The next mid-range bike is decidedly cut for the city. And it’s successful. With its punchy color, its correct weight of 24 kg and its satisfactory electrical assistance, it is a classy and practical option.

Attention, it is only available in small size: beyond 175cm it may not be the most comfortable option. It is nevertheless a good city bike, therefore, relatively light, with a Superlite aluminum alloy. But we have a luggage rack, a crutch, two mudguards, and the headlights – connected to the battery, finally, as well as a speed sensor at the rear wheel and, naturally, an LCD screen to supervise the activity of the electric motor.

The only problem, the luggage rack seems a little too small and fragile, it is also limited to 10kg. Engine power is classic for this kind of model.

This is a small black dot given the price. With 250 W rated power, we can expect a top speed of 25 km / h. Autonomy, again fairly standard, does not exceed 25 km despite its lightweight. This is a shame because it is ultimately what we would expect the most from an urban electric bike to almost $2000.

The best high-end electric bikes in 2019

It is in this category that you will find the most interesting performances, as well as the most comfortable and solid bikes. The key word is lightness, endurance, and ease of use. We are also starting to see some very interesting features. We have selected a mountain bike and a city bike, both out of the ordinary.

Haibike Enduro Cross 4.0: the best high-end

Haibike Enduro Cross 4.0

This electric bike in 2019 exceeds $2000 and invites itself in more serious ranges. Notably, what gets him a place in this comparison is also its Yamaha engine of excellent quality. For about $500 more than a Richt, you’ll see, the performances are already different.

This 28 “model is, above all, good in 2019 electric bike. And the first feat to be commended is its featherweight of about 22 kg – despite the presence of a heavier battery.

It is equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, reliable and well calibrated, as well as a front suspension with a very pleasant fluidity. I also enjoyed its stylish mountain bike coupe and the work is done on aerodynamics.

Even if one is a few thousand euros professional sports ranges, there is a real effort on the efficiency of the bike itself. The design is not left out either, with a subtle integration of the battery in the silhouette of the electric bike in 2019.

The builder of Haibike has also left aside the urban aspect of the bike, quite versatile – including the slight curve of the frame, which allows going up and down more easily.

Gocycle GS: a singular design, but very effective

Gocycle GS electric bike

We finish this comparison with a rather unusual electric bike in 2019, the Gocycle GS. The manufacturer, WNous, has a rather ambitious goal: to provide the best electric bike in the world at a price that defies any competition.

This is not the best electric bike in 2019 in the world, and the price is somewhat prohibitive. It is nonetheless a very, very good pedelec. Let’s start with the beginning: its appearance. It is clear that it does not look like any electric bikes in 2019 in this comparison.

  • Unlike other models, which start from a classic bike – mountain bike or city – and more or less elegantly fix a lithium battery
  • On this model the electronic components are fully integrated into the electric bike in 2019.
  • It’s strange but clever: some entry-level models, which I have excluded from this comparison, have sealing problems in case of heavy rain or worse, have not sufficiently protected the battery against shocks.
  • There, it must be admitted, there is no risk.

This choice has a price, however. Unlike other models, you can not take the battery to charge indoors, since the charging port is on the electric bikes in 2019 itself. The other change from other models is the wheels. Gocycle has an exclusive patent for fixing the wheels: the front and rear are perfectly identical and interchangeable. They are also much easier to remove and change in case of a puncture. There, I admit, I am a little more skeptical.

Gocycle provides anti-theft bolts that can be added to avoid getting stuck in front of Monoprix. Certainly, but suddenly, the “revolutionary patent” to remove the wheels easily falls a little flat. No, for me, what you really need to remember from these wheels is that they are magnesium alloy and that’s pretty amazing. In terms of strength and lightness, it is difficult to do better for this price.

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