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Best Wireless Mice in 2019 – Choose the Best One

Best Wireless Mice in 2019

After several hours of research among fifty models, we have established our selection of the 4 best wireless mice in 2019 available on the European market.

The best of them right now is the Logitech MX Master 2S .Indeed, it is a model with a worked design and a remarkable precision. It is very comprehensive in terms of functionality and button settings, which simplifies the user’s computer use.


How did we choose Best Wireless Mice in 2019?

More comfortable to handle, wireless mice have made their way into computer tools. We, therefore, tried to determine which the best models currently on the European market were.

To do this, we looked at certain criteria:

  • Weight: A wireless mouse requires a battery or batteries. The weight of it will be higher than that of a mouse with wire. But a mouse too heavy will have a harmful effect on the wrist.
  • The buttons: they can be configurable on certain models. The wheel, meanwhile, has two types of Scrolling (scrolling): notched mode, which allows better control of it or free mode, which offers a smoother and faster use.
  • Connectivity: Some mice work via a Unifying Dongle, which is a USB receiver for fast and efficient connection. Others can also be connected to the computer via a Bluetooth connection. In this category, one should not neglect the wireless range of the product.
  • The type of sensor: there is the optical sensor, which can navigate smooth or rough surfaces, the laser sensor, which can work on reflective surfaces. The quality of the sensor, however, depends on its resolution (in dpi = Dot per Inch). The higher the resolution, the better the sensor.
  • Autonomy: in the case of a wireless mouse, the autonomy will be very important so make sure the resistance of the battery or battery is good. Ideally, she must resist several months.
  • Functions: at present, it is not uncommon to encounter technologies such as Flow, which allows the passage from one screen to another, or the Easy-Switch, with which one can use the same mouse on multiple computers at the same time.
  • Compatibility: check the compatibility of the mouse with your computer model, you use Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS


The cheap best wireless mice in 2019

It is sometimes difficult to find powerful models that contain multiple functions. Here are nevertheless two very different mice which both have a good quality / price ratio.


Logitech M590

Logitech M590

Price $34

The first wireless mouse in our selection has a simple format. Small, but light (101 grams), it is comfortable and very pleasant for long periods of office use. On the other hand, it only addresses right-handers.

The big peculiarity of this model is that it is silent. The sound effects are reduced to 90%. This mouse is very practical in a professional environment or for use in a quiet space.

It connects via a Dongle Unifying, which synchronizes to the computer, or via Bluetooth, with a wireless range of up to 10 meters, which offers the ability to keep control remotely. It consists of configurable buttons and a multi directional wheel with a remarkable accuracy, allowing full control of the mouse.

It is important to specify that it contains an optical sensor and it is better to bring a mouse pad so as not to be surprised on certain surfaces. Its sensor of 1000 dpi, him, is very correct in this price range.

The other key element of this model is its autonomy, since it can, for a standard use, keep the same battery for 24 months. This is much more than its direct competitors.


Logitech M330 Silent Plus – Best Wireless Mice in 2019

Logitech M330 Silent Plus

Price $21

The second wireless mouse that we have selected offers a good value for money while being, like the M590, very quiet.

The Logitech M330 comes in a classic and rounded form. And although it looks a little cheap, it is actually both solid and very light (91 grams). By cons, because of its small size, it is especially recommended for small hands. It is also addressed to right-handers.

The main feature of this wireless mouse is its Silent Plus technology, which offers (almost) total reduction of noise and makes it noiseless, allowing you to work in any environment without disturbing anyone. The wheel, which is controlled only via notched mode, also offers this advantage.

Its connection is via the USB-Unifying receiver (which synchronizes the mouse with the computer) with a wireless range covering a distance of 10 meters, but it does not offer the opportunity to connect via Bluetooth. Nevertheless, it adapts to both Windows and Mac OS.

The mouse works with an Optical Sensor, reducing its use on certain surfaces. Thus, like the M590, it is unusable on the glass. However, it is used on a multitude of other soft surfaces such as a bed or couch. That’s not bad!


Logitech MX Anywhere 2S – Cheap Best Wireless Mice in 2019

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

Price $55

This lightweight mouse (106 grams) with the correct design and mat is a great feature, which differentiates it from others: its ambidextrous character, which is intended for both right-handed and left-handed.

Its radio link via nano-USB Unifying sensor is effective, but it can also connect via Bluetooth. Its wireless range is ten meters, and it is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

It is equipped with a responsive Darkfield sensor with a precision up to 4000 dpi. It therefore adapts to all surfaces, smooth or reflective, including glass.

In addition, it has an autonomy of a few months due to a use of several hours per day. The battery is charging in no time, but it can be used while charging.

With this model, we benefit from the Logitech Flow function, which allows free passage from one PC screen to another and thus copy and paste content immediately. Its Easy-Switch activity offers the possibility to work on several computers at the same time.

One of the strengths of this mouse is the speed of the wheel. It is disengage able and offers two possibilities of scrolling: the free scroll (quieter) and the notched (for a more meticulous use). Although Logitech has often had problems at this level, it seems that the brand has rectified the shot with this model. The seven buttons are configurable with easy-to-understand software.


Logitech MX Master 2S

Logitech MX Master 2S

Price $80

Longitech MX Master 2S also Best Wireless Mice in 2019. This mouse is very similar to the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S in terms of its features, but there are still some small distinctions that justify the difference in price.

Designed with a pretty original design, this durable wireless model has a comfortable ergonomic shape (even more than the MX Anywhere 2S), which matches the shape of the hand and allows the thumb to land.

Note, however, some small flats at this level: it is not suitable for left-handed people (because of the position of the thumb) or small hands, because it is large and has a relatively rounded appearance. In addition, it can seem noisy and is a little heavier compared to others (145 grams).

On the other hand, it must be emphasized that it is reliable via various means: either through the dual radio system, which includes the Bluetooth 4.0 mode, or with a connection via the Unifying sensor. You can also use it in a perimeter of 10 meters around your machine. Note that it also fits on Windows PC and Mac OS.

Another of its advantages is that this mouse adapts to all surfaces thanks to the precision of its laser sensor, which offers the opportunity to get rid of mouse mats. Like the previous model, it has a resolution of 4000 dpi.

Autonomy has an excellent point because it is about 70 days for an express charging time of, only, 3 minutes. And again, it is possible to use it during this period of time.


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