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Best Video Game Quotes of All Time

For every great sequence of action or movie in a video game, you can bet that the buttons will be damn verbose too. Some of them may be that strange grunt that happens when you climb an incredibly steep mountain without a single hook, or with the strange whistle that a bandit lets out when you shoot him in the face with an arrow. But there are also some of the best video game quotes that have become so famous – or should be shameful – that they have become memes (or worse).


There are even moments when words in games can be surprisingly significant and can even teach you one or two things about life.


Following are the best video game quotes of all time.


Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail


“You died of dysentery.”


Cold, concise and uncompromising and one of the best video game quotes. When the player saw such a message, he sat with a sagging jaw for a few more seconds, unable to get up from his seat.

This phrase forced the gamer to abandon the game for several weeks, as it informed him of death.

The player’s task was to manage resources and save the lives of people traveling in the Wild West.

And the most exciting and disturbing was that you die forever and have to go through the game again. This was the first game where you died from an illness, and did not read the banal words “Game Over.”



Fallout - video game quotes


“War. War never changes.”


More recently, Fallout 4 came out, and we were met by the same four meaningful words. Not many games can boast such universality, but the universality of these words helps to survive and live on.

But before we praise the development team of this game, we should recall that for the first time these words were spoken by Army General Ulysses Grant.

Do you know what he said? “War is like winter. Winter is coming”. These words were spoken by a truly great man since his phrase was used in this game and in the series Game of Thrones!



Half-Life2 - video game quotes


“Wake up and sing, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and sing.”


The above video game quotes you hear the very first time, as soon as the game loads. It is pronounced by the mysterious G-man.

His voice has nothing to do with the voice of your girlfriend, who decided to surprise you on her birthday and brought breakfast to you.

Quite the opposite! His voice seems alien and buzzing, alluding to your shared secrets. Who knows if we will find out the true motives of the mysterious personality of Mr. G-man, but his voice brings some uncertainty and mystery to the plot of Half-Life2. Monumental opening words, for a monumental game.


Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid


“Snake?” Snake!? Sneeyeeeeik!! “


The first Solid Metal Gear 3D games made a huge contribution to the development of the gaming industry.

An important role in this was played by the soundtrack of the game. Many players remembered the moment of death in the game forever.

It really sounds like something global. Whenever the main character dies, not only “Game Over” appears on the screen, but different voices of the team members, including the voice of Colonel Kembell, are heard. His scream is like the roar of a chainsaw.

I admit honestly it’s pretty traumatic to hear. This is perhaps the most memorable cry in the history of video games, inviting you to come to life.

You are at all costs trying to avoid death, just to not hear this voice. Let’s see how you can stand the voice of the colonel.


Super Mario

Super Mario - video game quotes


“Thank you, Mario, but our princess is in another castle!”


No need to be an avid gamer to know this phrase. You just had to play Mario Bros. It is enough to recall that feeling of disappointment, when once again, having defeated the Bowser, you meet Toad and not the princess.

At the very beginning, she sounded pretty boring, but then you fall in love with this phrase. While the complexity of the game increased and you wanted at least some kind of reward, you also met this eccentric with a cap in the form of a mushroom and pronounced the same words.

At least it meant something mysterious and, in the end, when you meet the princess something unimaginable happens.


Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 - video game quotes


“Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?”


Currently, there are not many video game quotes that are stuck in my memory, but with a great deal of certainty, I can say that the phrase was spoken by the pirate, and also the psychopath Vaas, will remain in your mind for a long time.

What exactly does he mean is unclear – Jason’s repeated attempts to kill him? Or are Vaas trying to kill Jason? Or is this a witty joke from Ubisoft.

After all, it is a well-known fact that gamers do not want to buy Assassin’s Creed games, complaining that all parts have the same storylines.

No matter the exact meaning of this phrase, it is said brilliantly. I think that it will last a long time.

Some people believe that this statement belongs to Albert Einstein or Benjamin Franklin. But for gamers, this phrase definitely belongs to Vaas.




“It’s super effective!” “It’s not very effective …”


It may not be fair to say that I use two quotes here at once, but these, like yin and yang, cannot exist separately.

Having invested a lot of time in the development of Pokémon, the most important moment of the battle occurs when you are attacked or you attacked the enemy.

And you were looking forward to how many percents of health you can take with one blow. After each stroke, you inspired to read it “super efficiently” and vice versa watched with fear when the inscription was “not very effective”.

For those who have invested hours of life in Pokemon, these two phrases will forever remain with him.


Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct


“KKKKK combo.”


It is more like a digital sound than a video game quote. A person with his weak vocal chords will never repeat this, but still, you get some strange pleasure from what you hear.

As soon as this exclamation is heard, it means that the time has come for you to bring down the opponent with all the power of your blows and crush him to the ground.

The thundering, aggressive phrase sounds as if the Greek god from Mount Olympus were screaming at her. Not surprisingly, the phrase is widely used by rap artists in their songs.



Bioshock - video game quotes


“Will you be so kind.”


Such simple, but still these are the most ingenious words ever spoken in the entire history of video games.

Throughout the game, you think that you are free to explore the ruined world, killing enemies and trying to rid the world of Andrew Ryan’s frenzy.

But then you realize what these words really mean and your whole perception of the game and your attitude towards it changes the other way around.

It is as if some kind of psychological signal is programmed in these words, and you do everything exactly what Atlas asks for.

The main character does not control anything, he just acts on someone’s instructions. After completing the game, you understand that you were also a slave.

The wisdom is that, in fact, we are addicted to video games, but only BioShock dared to directly tell the gamer about the lack of independence in the passage, and then throw this fact directly into his face. Obviously, while in the game, we are slaves, but still we continue to play.


Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament



“Monster kill.”


You can hear this phrase in the game Unreal Tournament. Some critics attribute it to one of the greatest phrases ever spoken in video games.

The usual low voice tells you about a hit in the head or a perfect combo kill, but this is nonsense compared to when you are announced about the killing of five people in a row. This phrase is brilliantly suitable for your mortal achievement and ability to kill.


Super Mario 64

Super Mario - video game quotes


“It’s II-I-II, Mario.”


This was the first time that many of us heard Mario’s voice in a video game (unless of course, you played Mario’s Game Gallery on PC).

This voice has begun the era of voicing all of Nintendo’s computer heroes. However, of course, the capabilities of the 64-bit console could not promise something grand.

This phrase is immediately remembered, and it is not surprising that they began to use it further.


Monkey Island

Monkey Island


“This is the second-largest monkey head I’ve ever seen.”


This video game is a great example of how a computer incarnation can be no worse than a Douglas Adams novel or a Terry Galiam movie.

The game is filled with unforgettable storylines. Monkey Island is full of witty humor, and also teases us and makes us constantly puzzle over tasks.



portal - video game quotes


“The cake does not exist.”


Portal was the biggest surprise of the millennium in the gaming industry. With an outstanding comedic plot full of catchy phrases and an infinite number of witty dialogues.

The above video game quote refers to the villain GlaDOS, who constantly convinces the player to be an experimental rabbit while promising a big cake at the end of the experiments.

As you progress through the game, you realize that the cake is just a lie. Since then, this expression has become very popular and widely used among the people, meaning that the promised reward is just a way of manipulating the person to whom it was promised.



Skyrim - best video game quotes


“I used to be an adventurer, but then I got an arrow in my knee.”


There is no such video game in which there would be so many statements that are not amenable to logic.

Each tortured guard in the cities of Skyrim repeats this phrase, and these seemingly mundane lines captured the imagination of the entire gaming community in 2011.

No one spoke about this, but at the peak of his power, this was probably the most viral phrase.




Dark Souls

Dark Souls - video game quotes


“You died”.


There is a classic phrase “Game Over” or a slightly more terrible “You died” in games such as Resident Evil or in the God of War series of games, but there are no more sinister ending words than in Dark Soul.

Because death really matters in this game, and seeing these red pop-up letters on the screen was your worst nightmare.

They could mean that you are going in search of your soul from the place where you died, or even worse, completely lose your soul and precious progress in the game.

When you are defeated, you hope for a moment that you still have a drop of health and the strength to rise to continue the struggle, but when these ominous words appear on the screen and along with this, you still hear the mournful laugh of a thousand souls and understand that this is the end; your heart skips a beat in fear. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can feel it, playing just a game.


These were the most memorable video game quotes that mean a lot to all gamers.

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