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Best Survival Games – Top Games of All Time

best survival games

The popularity of best survival games is easy to understand, because fighting for survival is in our genes. It becomes clear why everyone is so addicted to these games.

The best survival games on PC confront players with harsh challenges and challenges, and push them to search for creative solutions.

Games in this genre have lately been firmly rooted in the ranks of the most popular projects on Steam, even taking into account the fact that many of these games are in early access mode – and some have been around for years.

The desire to survive is inherent in us at the genetic level, and therefore it is not surprising that we are so easily carried away by survival in the virtual world.

But how to find the most worthy projects among thousands of representatives of this genre? We have prepared a list of our favorite best survival games for PC, the action in which takes place not only on the ground, but also under water, in space and in dangerous worlds inhabited by zombies, mutants and even dinosaurs.


Frostpunk – The best survival game

Frostpunk – The best survival game

Frostpunk is a mix of urban planning simulator and survival game in a gloomy ice world. You will need to build a functioning city for a handful of hungry and cold people inside a snowy crater, warmed only by a huge coal stove.

Gather resources, get food and manage the inhabitants of your city, giving them hope for the future. This is a harsh and beautiful game in which you have to make difficult decisions at every turn.




Explore the hostile underwater world, being at the helm of a makeshift submarine sailing through mysterious deep-sea landscapes.

You will find beautiful coral reefs and underwater caves and trenches full of useful resources and food. Build bases, create a fleet of submarines and develop the available technologies in every way to survive in the depths of the sea.

The game is hard not to compare with Minecraft, but the developer of Unknown Worlds managed to bring a number of unique elements to the established genre.


Outward - best survival games

Outward is one of the best survival games on PC released in March 2019. It will sound strange, but fantasy RPG will die without possibility – one of the best survivals in recent times. In Outward, you have to fight not only with magical monsters, but also with the world itself, because you need to eat, drink and try not to get sick.

The desert heat will draw all your strength out of you, swamp water will poison you, and the lack of quick trips or at least displaying your own position on the map turns any expedition into a test of preparation, waiting and survival skills.


Rimworld – Top rated survival game

Rimworld is one of the best survival games released October 17, 2018. The game was in early access for 5 years, but RimWorld finally got to version 1.0. In this survival simulator, you control a colony of random people who wander around a procedurally generated alien planet.

Expand the base, maintain the physical and mental health of the colonists, and cope with the disasters that the AI​director falls on you (the system for generating world events). It can be outbreaks of disease, alien attack, and natural changes. The most difficult test may be the simple survival of the colonists with each other, because everyone has their own personality, desires and behavior.



It sounds almost perfect, to sail peacefully on a raft, gradually building and expanding it, while catching shipwrecks from the ocean with a fishing hook. There are also hungry sharks. And if they cannot eat you, then they will do everything possible to eat your houseboat.

You need to look for food and clean water, keeping your raft afloat and expanding it. A cooperative comes to the rescue, because with a partner you double your chances of survival.


State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is one of the best survival games released May 22, 2018You do not play State of Decay 2 as a person, but as a community of people.

In the best survival game you need to make sorties not only for food, water, weapons and equipment, but also for other people.

Each character has its own abilities, quirks and character traits. Supplies are very limited, so with the growth of the settlement, more resources are needed to maintain it.

It is necessary to make forays into the vast open world of rural America. There is the possibility of a cooperative in which players can join and leave at any time.




Scum is not at an early access stage for a long time, so it’s hard to say what to expect from this game, but it has already raised the bar of the parameters of the games for survival.

Scum has a ton of information about what you eat, a personal set of essential vitamins and minerals, and all this remains after eating. You also have to go to the toilet.

Tracking the heartbeat, weight and even the number of teeth, and also takes into account the extra weight of the clothes if they get wet. Scum has many different simulations of survival in one.


The long dark

Due to the emphasis on the atmosphere and survival in harsh environments, The Long Dark stands out clearly from the countless representatives of the genre.

The game will play for the pilot, caught in a snowy wilderness as a result of a mysterious cataclysm of global proportions.

There are no zombies, no mutants, or even other players: you have to fight with the harsh wildlife and with your own fears.


Oxygen not included – best PC game

The best games are those that are easy to understand but hard to master. Oxygen Not Included fits this description: to start playing it and learn the basics is simple, but a complete study takes a lot of time and effort.

This colony simulator is as delightful as deep and complex as it simulates a harsh underground environment.

You will have to monitor hunger, happiness, cleanliness and, naturally, clean and breathable oxygen of the colonists, while they dig up caves, collect resources, build mechanisms and try to turn the outside world into a convenient underground home.


ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved - best survival games

We are thrown practically bare-handed onto a huge map, where we have to somehow deal with sweltering heat, cold, hunger, dehydration and other players (although there is a single player mode).

To survive, you need to craft weapons, build a home, tame dinosaurs and team up (or fight) with other gamers.

The free Primitive Plus add-on brings variety to the gameplay, and the upcoming DLC ​​called Tech Tier promises to add weapons and devices straight from science fiction to the game.


Don’t starve

Featuring a combination of amazing design and extremely harsh gameplay, Don’t Starve is an addictive adventure and one of the best survival games (and one of the few games that managed to get out of early access mode).

The crafting system is as complex as it is fun, and fits perfectly into the gameplay, where busy days give way to deadly nights.

You are waiting for fights with animals (and then meals from them), the use of science and magic, and, of course, maintaining mental health at the proper level (when it decreases, the character will begin to go crazy). Don’t Starve Together add-on lets you play with friends.



Duskers is one of the best survival games released May 18, 2016. Duskers may not give the impression of a full-fledged survival game, given that this is a strategy for managing a fleet of drones inside frightening spaceships.

But the reason you research them is to collect the components and fuel, and repair and improve your drones so that you can continue to travel through space in the hope of finding safety and understanding the reason for the unexplained event that caused the universe to become uninhabited (uninhabited by people, at least).

This is really annoying as you have to get involved in increasingly dangerous situations in the hope of collecting enough resources to survive.


Survival (The Division add-on)

Released in November 2016.

The second addition to The Division gave players not only new content, but also changes in the gameplay.

Caught in a deadly snowstorm, disease-affected players begin each round, armed only with a pistol and low-level equipment, and they must go to the Dark Zone to find the cure and the evacuation point.

Meanwhile, they need to survive the terrible cold, enemy gangs and a couple of dozen other players who are in the same predicament.


Dayz – Best Survival PC Game

Dayz – Best Survival PC Game

Yes, many players are already tired of waiting for the multiplayer zombie survival to finally leave the early access mode, and the fact that DayZ is rooted in the ArmA military simulator sometimes confuses newcomers. But at the same time, all the features of the genre in DayZ are performed with dignity: a complex system of nutrition and maintaining health goes beyond the usual set of regular snacks and dressings of wounds.

Here you will find food and resources in a detailed open world, intense interactions with other players, the creation and modification of weapons, and, of course, attempts to stay alive as long as possible: after death you have to start all over again empty-handed.



At first glance, this is one of the DayZ clones, which have been divorced in recent years, but Miscreated over time has turned into a high-quality multiplayer game with excellent graphics (the game was created on the Cryengine engine).

In the beginning we get only a flashlight and a couple of items of clothing, and then we are waiting for a search for weapons and supplies in the empty houses and at military bases. Fearing here is not only wild animals and mutants, but also other survivors.



Starbound offers both flights to distant galaxies and the construction of its own small farm, thus combining elements of intense survival adventure and leisurely pastime.

The pixel two-dimensional open world is interesting to explore, and during the game you will meet with peaceful NPC aliens and battles with incredibly tenacious bosses.

There is a competent story campaign with additional quests, and you can go through it at a pace convenient for you – the game does not rush anyone.

You can play Starbound with friends on separate servers, or by inviting them through Steam to your own walkthrough.


The forest

The forest - best survival games

Getting out of the wreckage of a crashed plane, you will soon find that you are not alone. A company on a mysterious island will make you terrible cannibals.

And while you are trying to look for food and resources, as well as build simple tents and log houses, while setting up traps for animals, you have to defend yourself from the evil and hungry local population. The Forest uses the Unity 5 engine, which provides a chic visual range and effects.

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Yes, many players have grown weary of waiting for the multiplayer zombie survival game to leave Early Access, and DayZ’s roots in military sim ArmA make it a bit intimidating for newcomers. Still, the survival elements of DayZ are strong, with complex nutrition, hydration, and health systems that go beyond merely eating, drinking, and bandaging wounds. Scavenge a sprawling and decaying persistent open world, engage in tense interactions with other players, customize weapons and craft gear, and try not to die: if you do, you start again with nothing.


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