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Best Pokemon Games (Updated 2020 and Beyond)

best pokemon games

In this article, we have compiled the best pokemon games updated from 2020 to beyond 2021 in which you can build your own collection of pocket monsters.


IDLE Pokemon

The great and terrible Cookie Clicker paired with Progress Quest has spawned a whole subgenre of games that play on their own, requiring minimal attention from the player.

When fantasy idle-games managed to get fed up with everything, the developers of such projects turned their attention to other settings.

This is how Idle Pokemon appeared – a project in which your wards continue to swing even when you are not online.

You just have to increase their level, choose active units for your squad, and sometimes call bosses, the battles with which also take place in automatic mode.


Pokemon Vortex

This game is one of the oldest unofficial browsers in the Pokémon universe, as it was first launched back in 1999 under the name Pokémon Crater.

Since then, the project managed to close in 2007, survive two years of oblivion, and relaunched under a new name in 2009.

The game is distinguished by the presence of seven unique Pokemon developed by the portal administration.

Every player has a chance to acquire these pets – for this, you just need to travel to certain locations and hope for the favor of the random.


Pokemon Legends – One of the best Pokemon Games

This online Pokemon game was created by a team that previously worked on other similar projects, including Pokemon World Online, The Pokemon League, and Pokemon Battle Arena.

It is not surprising that the game has absorbed many of the chips from them, transferring old developments to a modern engine that supports HTML5.

Pokemon Legends – One of the best Pokemon Games

The graphics in the Pokemon Legends game, like many similar projects, are made in the spirit of classic console Pokemon games like Pokémon Ruby.

The disadvantage of the game is not the most user-friendly interface with many windows, in which it is quite easy to get confused.

Pokemon Blaze Online

One of the few client MMORPGs in the Pokemon world, which can be downloaded and run even on the oldest PCs with 256 MB of RAM.

The game features a deep reworking of the source material – the developers wrote their own original plot for it and slightly reworked the role-playing system of classic poker games.

Another feature of the game is a full-fledged cycle of changing the time of day, which affects what kind of mobs will spawn at game locations.

Finally, the developers of Pokemon Blaze Online are closely monitoring the development of lore, so the project was the first free MMO to feature the Alolan evolution branch added by Nintendo to Pokemon GO.


Pokemon Revolution Online

The main advantage of this MMORPG in the Pokemon universe is its multiplatform, which allows you to play both in the browser and in the mobile application on the same account in the same game world.

The project implements a change of day and night, influencing the skills and evolution of the wards. In addition, the game features about 500 classic Pokemon, and its storyline and basic gameplay are borrowed from classic console games like Pokemon Red Fire.

The main drawback of the game is the inability to play all around the world.


Pokemon Battle Arena

This fun little browser game is made in a 2D platform deathmatch arena that is very atypical for best Pokemon games.

Players start the battle with the chosen character, among which you can meet Pikachu, Squirtle, Charamander, Bulbasaur, and even Meowth from team R.

The chosen skin has almost no effect on the gameplay – everyone starts the battle unarmed and with the same stats.

From time to time, Pokeballs with weapons appears on the map – a baseball bat, a chainsaw, a machine gun, or even a set of infantry mines.

Despite the cute and simple graphics, the game can even be called bloody, since as damage is received, the character’s skins begin to become covered with abrasions. You can fight here both against bots and online against other fans of dynamic poke-mochilov.


Pokemon Go

Of course, a selection of the best Pokémon games is unthinkable without a game that has revived the interest of gamers in the franchise.

Just a couple of years ago, Pokémon were caught on their mobile phones by everyone and everywhere – schoolchildren in parks, students in bars, and respectable uncles in business centers.

The very concept of this game was almost a breakthrough because it became the first mainstream game project with the active use of augmented reality.

pokemon go game

However, you can play it even without a camera – locations are arranged by GPS coordinates, and drawing Pokémon over a picture from a camera is only needed to give the game a special atmosphere.

At the same time, not only monsters available for catching are scattered around the real world, but also a bunch of game locations, including that same jims, in battles for which tens and hundreds of people sometimes converged.

In the first week after its release, Pokemon Go was downloaded over 10 million times.


Pokemon Planet

This browser-based MMO project is in many ways similar to the rest of the games from our selection – here you need to catch Pokémon around the game world, as well as trade or fight with other players.

In terms of graphics, the developers also followed the long-beaten path and stylized it for the first versions of the console Pokémon.

Even the game mechanics migrated to this project from consoles almost unchanged. The most important difference between Pokemon Planet and other games from our top is the presence of legendary Pokemon in it, which only the most patient and pumped players can catch.

In addition, the difficulty of locations as you progress through here increases significantly more than in other poke-browsers. So this game can be called the most hardcore game on our list.


Pokemon Pets

In Pokemon Pets, the concept of a browser in the Pokemon world is taken to a new level.

The game is favorably distinguished from its competitors by a high level of graphics and a huge amount of statistics – both for each of your players and at the end of the battles.

The scale of the project is amazing – it has 520 locations, over 1000 NPCs, and about 23,000 unique types of Pokémon.

The game implements many interesting and unique mechanics – for example, catching water Pokémon here is carried out using fishing rods.

The built-in stat calculator and detailed help, including not only FAQ about game mechanics, but also training videos, will help you not to get confused in numbers, modifiers, types of damage, and other things important for victory.


Pokemon Showdown

Unlike most of the projects presented in our selection, which in one form or another try to recreate the entire gameplay of classic console poker games, Pokemon Showdown focuses on only one element of them, but the most interesting.

This free online game is all about dueling between teams of Pokémon. At the same time, the concept of pumping is absent here as such – you can include any of the characters available in the game in your team, or even fight with a random set.

In such conditions, the skill of each of the players comes out on top, so the game can be called the most balanced in our top.

You can play Pokemon Showdown both in the browser and by downloading the official client.



Formally, this game is not a Pokemon game.

It is dedicated to collecting small animals found everywhere, which are here called “mini-monsters” or minimons.

Having caught a few of these creatures, you can participate in battles with other collectors. In fact, Minimon is a clone of classic most powerful best Pokemon games that do not use the names and images from the original series with similar gameplay mechanics.

This allowed to bypass restrictions on the part of Nintendo and distribute their project on a paid basis through the Steam platform.

Another difference between the game and most competitors is the fully three-dimensional game world.


Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is a mobile RPG that was released in 2019, but already in the Play Market, users have leftover 340,000 reviews for it, and the number of downloads has exceeded 10 million.

The player will assemble a team of cute Pokemon, train them in combat abilities, and perform in the arena.

A turn-based combat system is presented – in order to defeat the enemy, you need to think over the moves and take into account the features of both his fighters and your own.

The game boasts nice cartoon graphics, familiar characters, and frequent updates from the developers.

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