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Best Browser for Windows 10/8/7 of 2019, 2020

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It’s easy to choose the best browser for windows just download any of the most popular and sooner or later you’ll get used to it.

But for the learning process and further use to be as comfortable as possible, you need to know what to look and count on.

Here is a list of the most famous free browsers for Windows 7/8/10 and XP. Downloading them and trying them in person is the best option, but don’t be too lazy to read the whole text, save time.


Google Chrome – Best Browser for Windows

google chrome


Google Chrome is the most popular browser today, installed on almost every computer. At first, Chrome gained popularity for its speed and flexibility in settings, including through the installation of browser extensions.

Now it is not the fastest browser, but the most functional with support for all the innovations in web technologies. A truly huge library of add-ons allows you to get any functionality.

Chrome has under its hood the Chromium engine, which has become the standard for modern browsers.

Most popular browsers do it on the chromium engine. The engine is responsible for rendering the code of pages and scripts -> to a visible page on the monitor screen.


Google Chrome Browser Advantages

  • All sorts of extensions that can replace standard programs
  • Failure control allows you to maintain browser performance even during an error in one of the open windows
  • User warning about visiting malicious sites
  • Import settings from any browser
  • Multilingual interface
  • Automatic updates
  • There is a toolbar for the developer
  • Sync settings, extensions, and bookmarks with your Google account
  • The built-in task manager allows you to evaluate which of the tabs consumes a lot of processor and memory resources


  • Not very convenient bookmarks, no built-in visual bookmarks, but there are alternative extensions
  • It works poorly with many open tabs, while it eats a lot of memory, but frees it faster than anyone after they are closed

To date, Google Chrome is considered the best browser for Windows 7 and Windows 8/10. But to each his own.

For example, I don’t like the uninformative download manager and the slow operation when opening many tabs.

True, there is an extension of The Great Suspender, which, after a specified time, frees memory from unused tabs. But Chrome doesn’t close them, and to see these pages again, you just need to update them.

Chrome runs faster on Windows 7, but in the eight and ten things are bad with it – the load time is increased up to two times!

Mozilla firefox – Another fast Best Web Browser for Windows



On the one hand, I put Google Chrome in the first place, on the other, I realize that the Mozilla Firefox browser is no worse in most parameters, and in some, it surpasses the above product. It is the most famous and best browser for windows.

So it’s hard to say which browser is better — Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

It’s just that the latter is a little less popular with us and I personally do not use it, but objectively these two browsers are almost equal and depending on the tasks and habits of the user, either one or the other may be better.

In terms of performance, Firefox in most tests is slightly inferior to the previous browser, however, this is “insignificant” is unlikely to be noticeable to the average user.

However, in some cases, for example, in WebGL tests, asm.js, Mozilla Firefox wins almost one and a half to two times.

Mozilla Firefox in the pace of development does not lag behind Chrome (and does not follow it, copying functions), literally once a week you can read the news about improving or changing the functionality of the browser.


Mozilla Firefox Advantages

  • Support for almost all the latest Internet standards.
  • Independence from companies actively collecting user data (Google, Yandex), this is an open non-profit project.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Great performance and good security.
  • Powerful developer tools.
  • Functions of synchronization between devices.
  • Own decisions regarding the interface (for example, groups of tabs, pinned tabs, currently borrowed in other browsers, first appeared in Firefox).
  • An excellent set of add-ons and customization options for the browser for the user.

Free download of Mozilla Firefox in the latest stable version is available on the official download page https://www.mozilla.org/en/firefox/new/


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge - best web browser for windows


Microsoft Edge is the best browser for windows and it is a relatively new browser that is part of Windows 10 (not available for other operating systems) and there is every reason to assume that for many users who do not need any special functionality, installing a third-party Internet browser in this OS will eventually become irrelevant.

In my opinion, in Edge, the developers are closest to the task of making the browser as simple as possible for the average user and, at the same time, functional enough for the experienced (or for the developer).

Perhaps it’s too early to reach verdicts, but now we can say that the “make a browser from scratch” approach has justified itself in some ways – Microsoft Edge wins most of its competitors in performance tests (though not all), it probably has one from the most concise and pleasant interfaces, including the settings interface, and integration with Windows applications (for example, the “Share” item, which can be turned into integration with social networking applications), as well as its own functions.

For example, drawing on pages or reading mode (right Yes, this function is not unique, almost the same implementation in Safari for OS X) I think that over time they will allow Edge to acquire a significant share in this market.

At the same time, Microsoft Edge continues to develop actively – recently there has been supported for extensions and new security features.

And finally, Microsoft’s new browser created one trend that was useful for all users: after it was announced that Edge is the most energy-efficient browser providing the longest battery life, the rest of the developers set about optimizing their browsers in a few months in all major products, positive developments are noticeable in this regard.


Opera Web Browser

best browser for windows


Perhaps, there is no more clear, understandable and easy to learn best browser for windows for a beginner than Opera.

Although Opera now runs on the chromium engine, there is everything you need to surf without installing additional extensions.

I used to use Opera because of convenient visual bookmarks (tiles with the most needed sites on an empty tab) and file download manager.

Here it is done very conveniently and clearly. Opera is the best browser for working with many open tabs, and indeed. You can keep several dozens of open sites, and this will not especially affect the speed of work.

Particularly useful, in today’s realities, is a built-in VPN with a choice of several countries and unlimited traffic.

And plus to it, there is a “Turbo” function for compressing the transmitted data for a faster Internet. But here you need to experiment.

Sometimes, on a slow connection, the opposite effect is obtained – the speed decreases even more.

Some may find it convenient to use the mouse. To start using the mouse control, press the right button and move the pointer:

  • Left – move back one page
  • Right – forward one page
  • Down – a new tab opens
  • Up and down – refresh page
  • Down and right – close the tab

An interesting function “My Flow” allows you to organize the exchange of information between the computer and the phone. This is essentially a chat between two browsers on different devices.

A very handy feature that is lacking in other browsers. Although synchronization works in them, it is not so fast and obvious.

And “My Flow” is connected by simply scanning the QR code, after which I can send the link or picture to the “chat” and immediately receive a message in the browser on the phone.


  • Functional and easy to learn browser
  • All popular search engines are integrated with the search bar: Google, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia and others (selectable in the settings)
  • Built-in adblocker and unsolicited pop-ups
  • Extend your browser with numerous add-ons
  • Built-in screenshot function
  • Control the program using mouse movements
  • Convenient download manager
  • Built-in VPN
  • Acceleration mode (compression, “turbo”)
  • Great job with many open tabs
  • Battery Saver Mode
  • Built-in messengers WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, VK


  • There are fewer extensions than Google Chrome


Internet Explorer – Best Browser for Windows

Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer is the browser that you always have right after installing Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 on your computer.

Despite the prevailing stereotypes about its brakes, the lack of support for modern standards, now everything looks much better.

Today, Internet Explorer has a modern interface, high speed (although in some synthetic tests it lags behind competitors, but in tests of page loading and displaying speed it wins or goes on par).

Additionally, Internet Explorer is one of the best in terms of security of use, has a growing list of useful add-ons (add-ons) and in general, there is nothing to complain about.

True, the future fate of the browser amid the release of Microsoft Edge is not entirely clear.


Key Features of Internet Explorer

  • Convenient Metro application for touch mobile devices;
  • High download speed due to hardware acceleration;
  • Compliance with security is provided by the malware blocking function and SmartScreen filter;
  • Compact minimalistic free browser interface;
  • Combined address and search bar;
  • Automatic formation of visual bookmarks quick access;
  • Add-ons store internet explorer (extensions);
  • Periodic CSS issues when loading different sites;
  • These are the first Windows computer browsers – the software comes with the OS – there is a button to start it in the Start menu.

Internet Explorer can hardly be called the best browser in the light of modern developments of other companies.

Its pros and cons can be discussed for a long time, however, the later 9, 10 and 11 versions of the browser that were released later corrected past shortcomings and brought Internet Explorer to a new level, however, they did not return already experienced users.

The list of add-ons in them is rather scarce, mostly represented by shortcuts to access other services, instead of its own useful functionality.


Atom Browser

best browser for windows


Atom is a great alternative to more popular programs. It showed himself well in testing the fastest browsers and today is one of the leaders in the ranking.

Since Atom Brower is based on the Chromium engine, you get all the standard features, the ability to use your Google account and install add-ons from Google Chrome.

Among the pleasant innovations from the developers, it is worth noting the reduced traffic consumption, protection against phishing and malicious sites, setting up caching and auto-deleting cookies, the convenient grouping of tabs, and support for javascript scripts.

Atom browser features:

  • High-speed loading pages;
  • Ability to view documents;
  • You can customize the interface design for yourself;
  • Conveniently download content from various sites;
  • Allows you to listen to music from VK without visiting your page;
  • You can download and use add-ons from the Google Chrome store.

The creators managed to maximize the speed of the browser and add many useful features. He copes well with all standard tasks, received good reviews regarding confidentiality and privacy, and continues to grow. We recommend Atom for home everyday use, including on weak PCs.


Apple Safari

Apple Safari


Safari was originally developed by Apple as a standard Mac OS browser, but later also began to be released as an alternative browser for computers on Windows. The main trump cards of the safari were an unloaded overdue interface and high speed. Unlike the mobile version, the desktop web browser initially supported flash for watching movies online and the old YouTube. So users did not experience surfing the World Wide Web.


Features Apple Safari for Windows:

  • The minimalistic appearance of the browser and download manager;
  • It is characterized as a high-speed browser containing proprietary additional functions;
  • It supports synchronization with iCloud cloud storage, import settings from it, integration with Twitter, Facebook;
  • Despite the rich history, it works better on the “native” operating system. Comparison of 2018 browsers for PC gets more because of the big name of the developers.

Avant Browser

Avant Browser is a high-quality, completely free, lightweight browser powered by Microsoft Trident, Webkit (Blink), Gecko engines. Developers copied most of Opera’s features, but the browser also supports add-ons and plug-ins compatible with Internet Explorer.

Key features of Avant Browser:

  • High startup speed (relative to IE);
  • Over 20 skins included;
  • A quick set of known addresses in a string;
  • Adblocking;
  • The function of saving screenshots of a screen, page or area of ​​the screen.

Avant Browser is a good replacement for Internet Explorer and the other browsers listed, but nothing more. The most popular among fans of completely free software (GNU license).


Which is the best browser for windows? Conclusions

The top ratings for functionality, security, and speed are Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

Only you can tell which browser to choose, so let’s take a brief look at the features of each browser again.

If we talk about the simplicity of the interface and innovation in total, Google Chrome will win.

To understand which browser is really best for you, just download several browsers and evaluate the level of their convenience. Only through your experience will you understand everything.

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