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Avast Cleanup Premium Review – Does It Work Properly?

Avast Cleanup Premium Review

Avast Cleanup Premium is a new feature released in December 2017. And this time we present Avast Cleanup Premium Review.

Avast’s “Cleanup Premium” is included in the “Ultimate” of the top-level security course. Although there is a charge for Cleanup Premium, it is recommended for those who want to reinvigorate a computer that they have been using for a long time because it speeds up the startup time of the computer and increases free space.


What is Avast Cleanup Premium?

Our Avast Cleanup Premium Review is incomplete without explaining the Avast cleanup premium. Avast is the company name, and “Cleanup” is the name of the PC acceleration service provided by the company.

Of course, not only the company’s service but also the work itself that cleans and speeds up PCs is called cleanup. The common noun is named “Avast Cleanup” with the company name “Avast”.

In some blogger’s articles, it is written like Avast’s “cleanup” service, which may have been the case before. However, as of 2019, it seems to be the service name “Avast Cleanup”. You can see from the official website that “Avast Cleanup has all the features you need to tune up your PC”.

Previously, it seemed that there was no cleanup function unless it was a service called “Premium”, but as of March 2019, a speed-up service is provided under the name “Avast Cleanup”.


Optimizes and improves disk and memory performance

Cleanup Premium diagnoses and deletes unwanted apps and files to optimize your computer’s disk and memory.

This is very convenient because it improves the performance of your computer. The actual performance will vary depending on the computer you are using.


It is good to update the driver

Among the functions of Cleanup Premium is a function called Driver Updater. Cleanup Premium is a feature released in December 2017, and Drive Updater is a new feature released in January 2018.


What is a driver?

Software required to operate peripheral devices connected to a PC, such as printers and routers. If a peripheral device does not work well, you may be able to repair it by installing it again on the CD-R or the Internet. In addition, the operation may be improved by using the latest version of the driver.

Avast Cleanup Premium Review

Included in Ultimate, not Premier

Cleanup Premium is not included in the “Premier” set course but is included in the “ Ultimate” course.

For those who have no problem with PC security software, “Internet Security” or “Premier” is sufficient.

If you want to use functions such as speeding up your PC, you will need to purchase ” Ultimate” or separately purchase Cleanup Premium separately.


46 programs were slowing down

Not all programs are unnecessary, but they are displayed in descending order of the operating speed of the computer, so you can manually determine whether they are “Ignore” or “Sleep”.


Unnecessary programs put you in sleep mode

In Cleanup Premium, instead of deleting them, it seems to recommend that you go to sleep instead of always starting.

For example, I store various files in the dropbox of the cloud server, but these do not need to be started all the time, so it seems better to put them in sleep and start them when necessary. I never thought it would be difficult to use the dropbox after actually putting it to sleep.

I don’t understand, and changing the settings appropriately will adversely affect the performance of your computer. I think it’s better to use this recommended method of cleanup premium.


Successfully cleaned up 7.9GB

My computer seems to have 7.9GB of unnecessary apps and unnecessary files.

Even if you want to do unnecessary file maintenance yourself, you often don’t know if the data is really good to delete. Especially if you are not familiar with computers, you should not do anything extra. It is very important to let such a paid software judge and always optimize the inside of the disk.

The more computers you use, the more unnecessary files will be generated. But I’m glad that you maintain like this.


Verify the effectiveness of Avast Cleanup!

On the first day of actually using Avast Cleanup, the following speed-up effects were achieved.

Speeding up Stop 15 unnecessary programs
Free space Successful increase of 5.5GB
Browser data Successfully deleted 494.9MB
Fix the problem Repair 2752 problems


Avast Clean Up Premium is 85 points

Optimization (speeding up) is very important if you want your computer to work well. Avast’s cleanup premium was pretty good.

If you just want to increase free space, you should always maintain it if you become more familiar with your computer.

If you use Cleanup Premium, it is included in the course called “Ultimate”. I think it’s more profitable than a separate contract, so please check the official website.

If you are a business person using a personal computer, you should tune not only security but also the performance of your personal computer.

If you don’t spend a lot of money, you can go to the “Internet Security” course, and if you are n’t honestly Avast Ultimate, you can be a virus buster or a Norton. A comparison of security software is summarized in a separate article, so please check it out if you are interested.


Improve performance of old Windows PC

Avast has a strong image of free security software, but it has a certain reputation for its technical capabilities, such as the speed of support for the latest version of Windows.

The developing country of the Czech Republic may be thought of as “Eastern Europe? Is it okay?”, But ESET, famous for its inexpensive and lightweight security software, is also developed by Eastern Europe, Slovakia. Kaspersky, security software with a reputation for virus and malware removal rates, is also headquartered in Russia.

I think there are a lot of companies with a long history of IT security in Eastern Europe and Russia, partly due to historical implications such as the East-West Cold War.

Avast Cleanup Premium comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can always contact customer service to return all fees paid regardless of the reason. Please feel free to try it first.

So, it was our Avast Cleanup Premium Review. If you have any query regarding Avast Cleanup Premium let us know in comments

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