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Apple Watch Series 5 2019: Release Date & Price


The latest information continues to indicate that the new smartwatch of the apple company will be presented in September and that its availability will not be a reality until mid-October, but what about the price of the Apple Watch Series 5?

Before going deeper, it is important to talk about sources. Most of the details we have about the Apple Watch Series 5, including estimates of the possible price of the device. Among the most important new features at the level of specifications are:

Four major points:

  • ECG support extended to other countries.
  • There will be a version built in ceramics.
  • SoC more powerful to achieve greater performance and improve the user experience.
  • Greater autonomy thanks to a larger battery.


No changes are expected at the design level,

A thorny issue that, after the departure of Jony Ive of Apple , has generated a stir.

We know that the well-known designer will continue working with the company led by Tim Cook and that he will be responsible for the designs we will see in the iPhone 11 and the Apple Watch Series 5, but we are not sure what will happen with the 2020 models.


The most important innovations that the Apple Watch Series 5 will bring, therefore, at the level of hardware and new functions.

That will be the main attraction with which the apple company will have to work to attract the attention of users.

We already know the importance of design changes in the success of Apple products, so it is likely that 2019 will end up being a year of transition that will allow the apple company to have the margin it needs to carry out. A complete redesign of its flagship products for 2020.


Price of the Apple Watch Series 5 in its different versions

As it happened at the time with previous generations the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 5 will be championed by different models:

  • Apple Watch S5 40mm, Wi-Fi: $400.
  • Apple Watch S5 44mm, Wi-Fi: $430.
  • Apple Watch S5 40mm, Wi-Fi + cell phone: $500 .
  • Apple Watch S5 40mm, Wi-Fi + cell: $530.

The forecasts are quite conservative, since they maintain the same starting price of the current generation.

However, it is important to bear in mind that we are talking about an estimate and that Apple has a tendency to slightly increase the price of its products with each new release, so we cannot rule out that an increase in the price of the Apple Watch Series 5 will come to an end.


External appearance

Basically, the series 4 model was very similar to the previous versions of the watch. The shapes, curves and edges are almost identical in all the clocks, although there are nuances.

In particular, the screen became larger and thinner, with the consequent increase in comfort for the user.


What will we expect?

Well probably few changes in the design. A rumor that has spread is that it may return the ceramic bismel, although it remains to be seen.

Rumors about the Apple Watch Series 5

The original Apple Watch launched in 2015 marked a before and after in the area of ​​health of Apple products until reaching the Series 4 launched in 2018.

In this time the clock has been gaining in power, autonomy and features such as ECG.

However, from the Apple Park want to continue with the progression of the clock and therefore we could see this year another stroke of what will be the future of this smartwatch.


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