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Apple iPhone XI 2019: Specifications, Price & Rumors

Apple iPhone XI 2019


Of course, Apple is already working on new iPhones, which may come in 2019 as the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max on the market. The rumor mill is already seething.

Apple iPhone XI 2019

Price information What do the upcoming iPhones cost? A question that not only consumers are interested in, but with which probably Apple is currently intensively dealing.

After all, some prices beyond the 1,000-euro mark should have ensured that the current iPhone generation sells significantly worse than expected by the group.

Good news for consumers, then? Not necessarily. Because if the forecast is correct, a look at the current top model shows that the expected for autumn 2019 phones are anything but cheap.

For the iPhone XS Max in the top configuration, Apple is currently demanding whopping 1,649 euros.


Apple iPhone XI 2019 without 3D Touch?

Also to the technical specifications haunt numerous rumors through the net: So the iPhone manufacturer may plan to equip his smartphones no longer with 3D touch, reports Softpedia.

The display technology detects how strong a finger presses – and then opens, for example, a menu with common functions. In the future, Apple could try to achieve similar functionality via software, as is the case with some Android models.

Apple plans to do without cost on 3D touch. Since the iPhone 6S Apple’s smartphones had been equipped with the technology. The hardware of the Apple Watch dominated 3D touch and should probably do so in the future.

Apple iPhone 11 2019: Finally, fully grown?

Amazingly quiet it is, as far as the display size. It’s quite possible that Apple’s megalomania will be over and the diagonals will remain unchanged.

Reports circulating at Weibo indicate that the refresh rate increases to between 90 and 120 hertz. But this is more of academic improvement in the datasheet, as long as you have never been annoyed by a flickering display or a jerky image.

Apple iPhone XI 2019 = iPhone 11 2019

After iPhone X (the X stands for ten) and iPhone XS (ie iPhone Ten S or Ten S) it will be time for the Apple iPhone XI in 2019 – not Xi, but iPhone Elf. And probably also comes at the same time the plus-size model iPhone 11 Max or iPhone XI Max.

As for the design, there are so far only rumors. Therefore, it is questionable whether the iPhone XI looks exactly the same as on the render image of designer Ben Geskin, who relies on a “leak” (or an invention?) From the beginning of January during his mockup.

Apple iPhone 11 2019 Max

More endurance According to Weibo, the iPhone XI Max or iPhone 11 Max comes with a 4,000 mAh battery. That would be 25% more compared to the iPhone XS Max. This is also sorely needed, as the weak performance of the current iPhones in battery comparison shows.

The capacity has a direct impact on the endurance, comparable to the tank contents and the range in cars. On top of that, the wireless charging with 15 watts will be significantly faster.

Apple iPhone 2019: Mobile without Connections?

The rumor came through a Bloomberg report on the wireless charging station AirPower. The Apple had promised in a keynote in 2018. But still there is no sign of life from the device.

Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman wants to know that Apple is plaguing production problems – the charging mat supposedly overheats. But only on the edge.


Apple iPhone XI 2019 with Fingerprint Sensor?

But what about the functions? Is there a fingerprint sensor in the display? That works on some Android devices.

For Apple, this was no longer an issue after the disappearance of the home button. But now appears a patent that suggests at least the return of the fingerprint sensor Touch ID.

Actually, face recognition has replaced this method by Face ID. According to the patent, both could be used in parallel in the future to increase security.

The fingerprint should therefore always interrogate a device if the face recognition fails.  As long as nothing changes in this area, Apple is also not obliged to bring a fingerprint sensor – on the contrary: The camera technology “TrueDepth” continues to experience improvements.


Apple iPhone XI 2019: USB-C instead of Lightning?

With the introduction of the company’s own Lightning ports, Apple offered a user-friendly and low-repair alternative to the then widespread micro-USB ports. In order not to lose the connection, Apple probably thinks about changes in the ports.


Apple iPhone XI 2019 with Three Cameras

The iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus and the latest generation devices are already equipped with dual cameras that allow dual optical zoom and blur and light effects in portrait mode. But there are cell phones that are equipped with even more cameras on the back.

The application areas are manifold hobby photographers enjoy a threefold optical magnification, 3D enthusiasts a more precise capture of distances and objects.

The next generation of iPhone, thanks to the lens trio, may recognize its own position based on triangulation in a room and can be used for augmented reality (AR, augmented reality) functions, such as to display floating texts or 3D models.

For this purpose, Apple has used so-called time-of-flight sensors. They calculate distances using the runtime method, but are limited in their practical application and depend on several environmental factors.

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