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Age of Empires 3 Mods – A Definitive Guide

Age of Empires 3 Mods

Age of Empires 2 was released insanely long ago, back in 2002. And most recently, the authors released two gorgeous reprints – HD and Definitive Edition, especially for powerful computers. However, the original game is still relevant, and Age of Empires 3 mods are also being released for it. So let’s talk about Age of Empires 3 Mods.


Install Mods

Mods on Age of Empires 2 are installed through Steam. Before installing any mod, carefully read the instructions.


Here are Age of Empires 3 Mods:

Age of Vampires

Imagine what would happen if vampires had empires? Such was the idea that occurred to the author of the mod. Since then, he has mixed Victorian horror style with traditional Slavic mythology and allusions to the dark chapters of Romanian and Hungarian history.

The result is something like a vampire war in Eastern Europe. The author warns that the animation of injuries and killings in Age of Vampires is extremely creepy and surpasses itself in the original game.

There is no place for violence in real life, but the cruelty depicted here exactly corresponds to the traditional mythology of vampires.


Tales of Middle-Earth

Middle-earth in Age of Empires 2. The period from the fall of Beleriand to the Great Age of Men and the War of the Ring is involved. Here you can play for one of 18 unique fractions.

You can be the king of wise and fair elves – Lyndon, Rivendell, Mirkwood, Eregion and Lothlorien. Or you can fall under the influence of the Shadows in Angmar, Mordor, Isengard, Dol Guldur or Minas Morgule.

True, if you are a fan of people, then you better play for their legendary kingdoms, such as Arnor, Gondor and the half-forgotten Numenor.

You can also ride through the fields and plains with the inhabitants of Rohan, Rovanion, Harada, Umbara or Khanda.

You can battle on new random maps based on real locations of Middle-earth. You can explore countless new technologies and determine the development path of your fraction.

You can also create alliances to replenish your army with soldiers from other regions, or even call for the help of the dwarves and hobbits.

More than a hundred buildings have been designed, including miracles based on the famous sights of Middle-earth, such as Orthank, Barad-Dur, the Golden Hall of Erebor or the House of Elrond. In addition, many new graphic elements have been added. The mod is designed for multiplayer, single and scenario modes.


Age of World Empires

One of the best Age of Empires 3 Mods is Age of World Empires. Age of World Empires is an independent skin mod for Age of Empires 2 the Conquerors. It includes independent unit skins for different civilizations and factions.

You will see many variations of units, such as the Mongolian heavy cavalry, the Byzantine cavalry, and Chinese spears, different from the European knight.

You will also see European-style halberdiers, Asian halberdiers, and Japanese Asigaru marines with flags on their backs.

This mod brings us more visual diversity, improves the gaming experience and makes the game historically more.


Aok Realms

Realms is a project created to immerse yourself even more in the Middle Ages. Explore new ways of waging war on the peaks of the Himalayas, the coasts of Peru, the jungles of Southeast Asia, Cilicia, Manchuria and Europe with nineteen new civilizations.

What kind of civilization is this, you ask? You have access to the majestic Armenians protecting their lands from Yerevan to Adana.

The Bamarians, who lead the pagan tribes of Av, Hantavadi or Taung. The Balts, who fiercely fight with the vile crusaders and lovers of countless wealth? Bohemians creating a new army based on innovative tactical doctrines.

The brave Bulgars, carving everything in their path and trampling with heavy cavalry. You can also lead a whole portion of other powers that have a unique culture and line of troops.

If you were looking for a really cool fractional mod, then Realms is just made for you.


Tsars and Salemen

Total conversion, which introduces various trading republics of Italy (Venice, Ragusa, Sicily), Slavs (Veliky Novgorod) and Western Europe (Flanders).

In addition, you can set up the crown of the powerful Kingdoms of Serbia, Russia (Moscow Kingdom) and Bulgaria. Some civilizations, such as the Byzantines, Turks, Teutons, and Timurids (Persians), were also not deprived and received many regional units (which greatly changes their strategy).

And last but not least, the mod also increases the number of useful civilians: court ladies, pipers (bagpipers) and Saxon miners (economic mercenaries).

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