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6 Best Mouse Pads for Graphic Design and Gaming

Best Mouse Pads for Graphic Design and Gaming

What are the best mouse pads for graphic design and gaming? When one thinks that it is simple to buy a good mouse pad for our computer, you realize that the options are endless and the qualities vary a lot between some products and others, being quite difficult to accept in the election.

Do not use one of those propaganda pads that we usually give and that are always plasticized at the top … we have to go further and try to buy a decent rug Do not spend most of the day with your hand and wrist supported in this contraption?


Points to consider to buy a good mouse pad for gaming and editing software:

  • Size of the pad.
  • The proper sliding speed that will help reduce noise.
  • Base fabrication material: rubber foam ensures the best grip without the need to move or correct the position.
  • Let it be light and with the right thickness to correct the small imperfections of the table where we support it. The thickness of 2mm is adequate, and the size can be around 250mm x 210mm.

What are the best mouse pads for graphic design and gaming in 2019?

Read below to see the best mouse pads for graphic design and gaming in 2019, or check out Hotrate’s up to date guide for 2020


1.  TeckNet XLL – Mouse pad for gaming and graphic design

Another tremendously large model with 900x450x3mm. I’m using it right now while I’m writing. It occupies the entire front of the Mac. It has a non-slip base that does not move a millimeter and sharp edges.

The mouse slides perfectly and you will never run out of space on the mousepad. The surface has a waterproof coating, so you can have your coffee on it without fear of throwing it away. The thickness of 3mm is more than enough. Clean with a damp cloth.


2.-Ozone Ground Level S – Mouse pad for gaming

A mousepad specially designed for gamers and best Mousepads for graphic design and gaming. It has a good weight, correct dimensions and the materials of manufacture do that it does not move off the table and that the slide of the mouse is perfect. Its price-quality is practically insurmountable. It has a size of 250mm x 210mm.


3.-AmazonBasics – Extended Mouse Pad, for video games and graphic design

Within the range of Amazon basics products, we find this rug of 92 x 30 x 0.3 cm made of foam and polyester fabric. It remains firmly attached to the table and the size is quite large, perfect for graphic design or gaming. The surface facilitates the smooth sliding of the mouse and improved precision.


4.-Steelseries QcK – Mouse pad for graphic design

The third model is the largest of the three: 320x270xmm. The manufacturing material is very soft and pleasant and also perfectly fastens to the table. Its thickness is 2 mm. It is available in various sizes.

The mouse slides smoothly and with great precision and is perfect for all those who use editing programs such as Photoshop or AutoCAD because it covers all the movement of the hand. Its only weak point is that the edges are not sewn, just glued together.

And if you need something tremendously large that occupies all your work or play desk?


5.-Perixx DX-1000XXL – Mouse pad for games 

The model I used earlier on my desk. Tremendously large (900x430x3 mm), very good grip and perfect mouse sliding. The only thing missing is that the edges are not sewn. It cleans easily. Perfect for shooter games.

A bargain for its size. I’ve been using it for more than a year now and the truth is that it’s perfect. It cleans very well with entrap and a little water.


6.-Corsair MM600 – The mat for premium gaming

It has an impressive surface of 352 x 272 x 5 mm with a really good performance. The four corners has stops that prevent the mouse goes out of control of the rug.

The MM600 is made of aluminum and has a low friction surface with which the response times in the game will be much better. You may not find anything better at this time for a quality price.



These 6 mousepads are excellent. The main difference is the size. For the rest, the 6 provide excellent grip and speed of movement of the mouse, and all this for a price significantly lower than other much more expensive mats that have the same characteristics. The latest mouse pad with wireless charging is for the most gamers among the gamers.

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