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5 Best Privacy Tools to Protect Your Privacy

Best Privacy Tools

Ensuring online privacy is not just for the paranoid. Understanding how online tracking works helps you make decisions about what’s important. Here are the best privacy tools that help.

But the way this tracking works is usually easy – and even avoidable. Cool sites and tools today look at a few browser extensions and websites that show you how tracking works while giving you the opportunity to get some power back. Let’s start with something simple: e-mail.

Here are we briefly describe the 5 best privacy tools you need to know


1. PixelBlock (Chrome): Stop email tracking

I consider PixelBlock on the top of my best privacy tools list. PixelBlock is one of the best privacy tools Email marketers and even some of your friends know if they have read their emails or not.

However, this is not because email itself supports this feature: Tracking in this context is a bit of a hack. Normally, a small white image with a unique URL is embedded in the message itself. Open an e-mail with pictures enabled.

Your e-mail client uploads the image from a remote server and informs Tracker that you have opened the e-mail. You can stop this type of tracking by turning off images, but there are fewer open workarounds.

PixelBlock is a Chrome extension for Gmail users who are trying to block the loading of these images, thus preventing the services from tracking if you have an email open. Simple, right?

Oh, and if you’re learning about email tracking and find it useful, you can track your emails. To track your emails in Gmail and find out if the recipient has read it How to find your emails in Gmail & Google If the recipient has read it you can send an important email to a friend who draws his attention to a change in the plans. A read receipt will at least inform you if your friend has read it, or you must.


2. Direct link (Safari): Copy real links directly from Google or Facebook

DirectLinks among of the best privacy tools.

Have you ever tried to copy a URL directly from Google’s search results? How to copy garbage-free URLs from Google’s search results?

How to copy garbage-free URLs from Google’s search results?  Install a simple plugin or user script and solve this problem completely. Google uses this much longer than necessary … Read more Instead of the desired URL, you’ll get “https://www.google.com/” followed by a bunch of gibberish. Like this:

https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCoQFjABahUKEwiJv_3tmJPIAhXIQYgKHVItCfY&url=https%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FSomething&usg=AFQjCNGX0y2Q_hWPsCH72nNI5xM_EmrJqA&bvm=bv.103388427, d.cGU

This is a forwarding link. That’s how Google tracks which URLs to search for. When you click on the link, the random string will appear in the URL that tracks your decisions before being redirected to the website you’re looking for.

DirectLinks is a simple Safari plugin that removes redirects and keeps Google and Facebook from tracking your clicks.

How to Stop Facebook from Recording Everything You Do [Facebook Weekly Tips] How to Stop Facebook from Tracking It [Facebook Weekly Tips] Facebook basically has a business of knowing as much as they can about each one. Therefore, it makes sense to track your behavior online and offline.


3. Blender (Firefox): Make your browser look generic

If you’re a Mac user, you’ll likely see Mac-specific ads. How does this work? Well, you transfer all sorts of information about your computer to the Internet just by surfing. Go to MyBrowserInfo.com for an idea of ​​how much information you send.


Anyway, if you are worried about this information, you can interfere with the installation of Blender. This simple extension makes you look more generic by changing the user string of your browser agent. For example, my computer appears to be Windows-based after installation.


It also shows a more recent version of Firefox (I should probably update, right?). However, this is just another way you can hide your tracks online, so take a look.


4. Good Guy Apps: Subreddit Shows Privacy-Friendly Android Apps

Most free mobile apps are monetized in other ways: often with advertising, often with a kind of tracking. Google Guy Apps is a small subreddit that highlights apps that are not tracked.

It’s a relatively small community at the moment, but it’s a good idea that I thought of including them here.


5. PrivacyPal (Web): Privacy Policy, Summerized

I could spend all sorts of time teaching you about privacy, but it’s also worth keeping yourself up to date with what company policies are. But you probably have not read the terms of use for any websites you use. So you do not know what they will or will not do with your data.


Privacy Pal can help by summarizing which sites are working with the information you provide. There is a great variety out there, but this simple system gives you an idea. A similar page is the Terms of Use for Not Read, which you should also review.


Which other privacy lessons are there?

Understanding how online tracking works helps you make decisions about what’s important. Most people feel that they are being persecuted online, but they are not sure how – the above websites and services help to demystify a bit.

There are similar sites out there. Privacy Badger Blocks All Types of Trackers How To Block Online Tracking With Privacy Badger How To Block Online Privacy Tracking Badger Privacy Policy Badger’s goal is to be a silent protector for ordinary users who work in the background and your information to advertisers protect malicious third parties.

But does it fulfill this goal? Read more, for example, and you can stop Facebook and other social networks from tracking your web activities to block Facebook and other social networks from tracking you online How to block Facebook and other social networks from tracking you online Whenever You visit a website With Like, Tweet or +1 you share data with Facebook, Twitter or Google. And that’s not all.

But I want to know your favorite tips on my topic best privacy tools. Let’s chat in the comments below, okay?

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