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4 Tips How to activate the dark theme in Google Photos?

dark theme in Google Photos

Google’s Android photo gallery does not officially include a dark interface. It is, however, possible to activate the Dark Mode thanks to a hidden option of Android.

Here you can find how to activate the dark theme in Google photos:

The mode of dark interfaces never ends: Facebook Messenger, Google Chrome, Android 10 and soon iOS 13, more and more applications offer an option to enjoy a dark theme, instead of traditional clear interfaces.

If the dark mode seems irrelevant on some apps, its absence on others is, however, more surprising. Google Photos, for example, offers only a clear theme, which does not really highlight the photos it hosts.

It is nevertheless possible, with some simple manipulations, to change the clear interface of Google Photos in favor of a dark theme.

To enjoy it, you’ll need a smartphone powered by Android 8 or higher, and make sure you have Google Photos version 4.18 or higher.

1. Check the version of Google Photos

To check the version of the app, tap and hold the Google Photos icon, and press the i button to access detailed information.

Then go to Advanced Options and scroll through all options until you see the version number of the application.

2. Enable developer options

Officially, Google Photos does not include Dark Mode. How is it then possible to enjoy a dark interface?

Simply by activating the night mode of Android, which will also affect Google Photos.

To find the night mode of Android, you must first activate the developer mode on your smartphone.

  • To do this, open Settings, enter System and access the about phone
  • Find the Build Numberline, and tap it eight times in a row.
  • Developer mode should be enabled on your device.

3. Activate night mode

  • Open the Android Settings now, and in System, deploy Advanced Options to access Developer Options.
  • Scroll through the settings, and enter the Night Mode menu.
  • In the Activate Night Mode window that appears, select Always On.
  • Then close the Settings.

4. Use Google Photos

Open the Google Photos app on your smartphone.

If everything went smoothly, the application’s clear interface should have turned to dark gray.

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