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2019 Volvo S60 Price, Reviews and Specifications

2019 Volvo S60


Most recently, the new 2019 Volvo S60 sedan was presented in America. Manufacturers promise to release a large batch of cars for absolutely all markets – Russia, China, Europe, and America.

As is the case with other Volvo cars, the new model will receive a corporate stylish look, thanks to which it is simply impossible to go unnoticed on public roads.

The new 2019 Volvo S60 will acquire a wonderful cabin that will provide a high level of comfort for both the driver and all passengers. There is no doubt that restyling will clearly benefit the car.


Technical specifications 2019 Volvo S60

The sedan has an independent suspension, fans of high speeds have the opportunity to purchase a car with air suspension.

For control, gasoline engines are used:

  • A volume of 2 liters, a power of 250 horses and a torque of 350 Nm, an automatic eight-speed transmission is installed.
  • T6 AWD – 2 liters, power capacity 316 liters. pp., torque 400 Nm, a four-wheel-drive sedan with automatic eight-step.

Also, manufacturers have developed hybrid engines that have the following characteristics:

  • T6 Twin Engine AWD total power is 340 horsepower, torque 590 Nm.
  • The T8 Twin Engine AWD is a powerful engine with 400 horsepower and 640 Nm of torque.

All models are driven by an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The new Volvo S60 2019 will be the first car in the history of Volvo without diesel engines in the motor line.

It will include two hybrid units T6 Twin Engine AWD and T8 Twin Engine AWD, issuing 340 and 400 hp. respectively.

For those who are accustomed to fuel options, gasoline engines are offered: a 250-horsepower T5 and a 300-horsepower T6.

Since the North American specification is used for power, it is expected that in the European market these values ​​will be slightly lower.

For the top hybrid installation, the Polestar tuning package is optionally available, including original wheels, a redesigned brake system, a suspension, and an engine control unit that allows you to add 15 “horses” to power.


Technical Parameters and Equipment


Among the most important changes made for the new Volvo S60 2019 sedan are the new body sizes.

Now the dimensions of the car are:

Wheelbase 2.87 m + 9.60 cm
Length 4.76 m +1.32 cm
Width 2.04 m -5.70 cm
Height 1.44 m 4.70 cm
Luggage compartment 390 l + 10 L


The following engines are provided as power units for the new S60:

Type of Volume Power
Four-cylinder petrol 2.0 L 250 l with.
Turbocharged four-cylinder petrol 2.0 L 315 liters with.
Hybrid power plant 2.0 L petrol engine + electric motor A total of 340 liters.
Hybrid power plant 2.0 L petrol engine + electric motor A total of 400 liters.


To complete the transmission, which can be both with all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive, an 8-band automatic transmission is provided.



Volvo S60 2019

The car is compact in size. Moreover, it is quite roomy.

The front end has become very elegant and stylish. The hood cover is slightly tilted in relation to the ground and complemented by decorative stripes of relief.

It smoothly passes into the neat grille, made in the shape of an oval. It is not possible to find chrome elements here, but perhaps this is not necessary since the presence of chromium could “overload” the appearance as a whole.

On both sides of the air intake system, there are large rectangular headlights of the head optics, which are filled with xenon or LEDs. Lighting in appearance resembles the letter “T” or a hammer located horizontally.

The body kit turned out to be aggressive. On it you can see two side cutouts used for LED fog lights and for supplying air to the front brake discs.

Between them is another air intake for cooling the engine compartment. The body kit is complemented by projections to improve the aerodynamic qualities of the body.

In profile, the Volvo S60 2019 looks no less menacing. The main emphasis is on the original design wheels and extended arches.

The rearview mirrors are small and multifunctional. Glasses look neat and are separated by small racks that are almost invisible at a certain angle.

The streamlined shape of the roof smoothly passes into the rear of the car. The boot lid is short enough.

It is decorated with an aerodynamic spoiler. The optical system is made in the form of square boomerangs. The large rear window provides a good overview. The body kit has a metal insert and is decorated with large exhaust openings.





The Swedish car company is famous for its comfortable and safe cars. The updated 2019 Volvo S60 was no exception.

The main emphasis was placed precisely on these qualities. Trim will please with high-quality fabric, soft leather and decorative elements made of aluminum alloy.

The new Volvo S60 2019, its photos, specifications, and prices have long been interested in potential buyers.

The steering wheel is made in the traditional style for the manufacturer. It is three-spoke and multi-functional.

Numerous electronic assistants and a multimedia system are controlled by buttons and joysticks located on two horizontal knitting needles. The steering wheel is sheathed with quality leather.

The dashboard is semi-virtual. In the center, there is a large well with a speedometer and an on-board computer.

On the sides of it are other displays that are responsible for the speed, fuel level and temperature of the engine.

interer-2019 Volvo S60

The central console has incorporated a lot of useful elements. At the very top is the multimedia system screen. On both sides of it are vertical long baffles.

Thanks to the panel, heating and climate control systems and many other useful functions are configured.

In their reviews, owners of previous versions asked to remove the disadvantages of the dashboard, the manufacturer tried to optimize it as much as possible.

The large size of key elements is a plus, many agreed that it is more convenient and better. The overall picture of the center console allows us to conclude that Swedish minimalism dominated in its formation.

It has absolutely everything for managing the necessary systems. There is no sense of excess elements.


Salon of 2019 Volvo S60

Naturally, a lot of efforts of designers took to make the car interior as safe and comfortable as possible for all its inhabitants.

The new 2019 Volvo S60 received a finish of pleasant genuine leather, good fabric, and aluminum.

Also, attention was paid to the functionality of the car, which has expanded significantly. The center console includes a bunch of different elements. At the very top of the dashboard is the main multimedia screen, which is responsible for setting most of the options.

Behind it was a huge panel with another monitor, which is surrounded by buttons and washers. This whole system allows you to adjust the climate control, seat heating, ventilation and much, much more. This panel flows smoothly into the tunnel.

Traditionally for Volvo made steering wheel. Here you can find high-quality leather trim bagels, metal decorative inserts on the center and buttons filled with buttons.

Interestingly made and the instrument panel.

new car of volvo


2019 Volvo S60 Price

The 2019 Volvo S60 is available in 12 different trim levels. Depending on the chosen option, prices may vary.

That is why the price list of 2018-2019 needs to be analyzed in advance, evaluating the additional auto applications in a new body.

First, you need to choose for yourself a list of priority points, then to choose a model in accordance with the desired features. It is clear that there is no point in overpaying for unnecessary functions.


The initial price of the Volvo S60 is $38,500 in America.

The basic type of configuration includes:

  • adjustment of seats, mirrors and steering wheel (tilt and height control);
  • Several airbags
  • Cruise control
  • Heated driver’s seat and mirrors;
  • Navigator;
  • Multimedia system.

If you choose the option with the maximum configuration, then an additional heated windshield and steering wheel, automatic parking, additional airbags, an electric sunroof, and a panoramic roof will be additionally available. Also, in the most expensive version, leather trim of the side panels of the cabin and covers from the same material is provided.

Also, depending on the type of equipment selected from the model range, the additional number of pockets, compartments for small items, and more in the interior design will differ.

Of course, the difference is additionally in technical parameters – more expensive versions will be more powerful.

2019 Volvo s60


Reviews and test drive

Those who have already tried out the 2019 Volvo S60 leave generally positive reviews. What cannot but rejoice – value for money? For such characteristics, the price is very budget. In addition, the car pleases with its efficiency.

The quality of parts at the level – malfunctions, errors, failures are rare here. The weak point is fused. They will have to be changed relatively often.

But Volvo auto parts do not cost too much and they can be obtained at any service station, so there are no difficulties with a repair.

If we talk about the cons, it is often noted the lack of sufficient power to use the car on painfully bad roads. But for the status of high-end luxury cars, Volvo falls short.

Although initially, the manufacturer does not position the model as such. This is a budget option of the middle class, suitable “for every day.”

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